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This weekend, we invite the Nottingham based record digger and DJ Beane Noodler to the Dusk Dubs family, with a stunning eclectic selection of inspirations.

Beane is based in Nottingham where he co-hosts the infamous darkroom disco 'Soul Buggin' ' in Nottingham (https://www.residentadvisor.net/promoter.aspx?id=6451) which is now entering its 14th year. 

A passionate digger of almost 25 years he also hosts his fortnightly online radio show 'Beane's Noodle Hotpot' (https://beane.podomatic.com) where he gets to showcase music from around the world. Having DJed for over 2 decades he has played alongside a whole host of great international selectors such as Gilles Peterson, Mr Scruff, Andrew Weatherall, Norman Jay, Benji B and many many more.

You can find Beane Noodler HERE:










1) Leslie Bricusse And Anthony Newley - Pure Imagination 

A thousand childhood memories tied up in one perfect song. DJ Harvey nicked my trick of opening a DJ set with it for his Boiler Room session a few years back and I͛ve still yet to have a word with him about that but we͛ll let it go for now, I͛ve got enough on my plate. Absolute tears of joy every time I hear this track.

2) Jeff Wayne - Eve Of The War 

Scary as f*ck when you͛re force fed it as a kid via your old man as your mum͛s cooking the sunday roast. It͛s an amazing piece of music and still gives me chills today. The album came with the a book filled with an illustrators vision of HG Wells invasion story. Creepy as hell.

3) The Orb - Assassin 

No Orb fans ever seem to talk about this track which makes me paranoid that it͛s the ͚black sheep͛ of that era or something but I͛ve always loved it. While many of my peers were lying in fields on mushrooms watching this live no doubt, I was a spotty 16 year old lying on my bed in Peterborough, listening to this while eating 8 slices of peanut butter and jam toast while daydreaming out window about just what that assassin looked like.

4) Nuyorican Soul - The Nervous Track 

Impossible to gauge the effect Masters at Work have had on me, so many huge records they͛ve produced that sit proud in my collection but the Nuyorican Soul album was the ͚big un͛ and via their cover versions introduced me to Salsoul, Minnie Ripperton, Roy Ayers, Rotary Connection etc. ͚The Nervous Track͛ was one of the preceding singles and 21 years later has lost none of it͛s potency.

5) Seba & Lotek - So Long

The mother of all drum and bass drift outs. Sounded pretty epic in the 90͛s and still does to this day, even played it out again at a local old school night last year and still sounds incredible. Classic LTJ Bukem style long intros, outros and breakdowns but the best bit is the way the amen just sneaks up on yer out of nowhere.

6) Bent - Winter 

A record I always like to listen to when it snows outside from the sadly no longer still together Bent crew. They were a fine Nottingham duo who made some wonderful records splashed with their unique sense of humour. They still make music individually but their Bent output will always hold a special place in my heart.

7) The Doors - Riders On The Storm

The Doors seem a bit marmite for some people don't they? I always loved em as a kid and ͚riders on the storm͛ is a personal fave. Classic and still gets dropped every now and then at an afterparty.

8) Bassheads - Is Anybody Out There

A 27p record on discogs these days but pure gold when you͛re 14 and watching top of the pops on a Thursday night rola cola-ed up to the max. We sometimes forget how mad the UK National charts were back at the start of the 90͛s. Rave culture had started to bleed into the mainstream and of course this wasn͛t the best record of that era, it͛s pretty commercial but one that sums up the spirit of the charts at the time.

9) Bassomatic - Fascinating Rhythm 

Go and watch the live performance of this on YouTube from Dance Energy 1991 and I dare anyone in their late 30͛s/early 40͛s not to get goosebumps. Magical. Still bosh it out every now and then.

10) Helene Smith - You Got To Be A Man 

A firm favourite, killer soul that I was introduced via one Soul Jazz Record͛s wonderful comps. The 7” goes for silly money but it ain͛t that one you want, grab the 12” for 3 quid. Such a powerful vocal.

11) Underworld - Rez 

Not the biggest Underworld fan and but ͚Rez͛ slides in nicely. Goes on for what feels 4 days so a great toilet record when you really need to go.

12) Barry Miles - Magic Theatre 

Jazz dance fusion at it͛s finest. 11 minutes of madness that I occasionally play out here in Nottingham at the Out To Lunch jazz dance session. Always sends em loopy but the record has a lot of history I guess down in London.

13) Vangelis - Blade Runner Main Titles 

Impossible to pick a single tune off this but of course the track simply titled ͚main titles͛ is everybodies favourite. I almost can͛t listen to this if I͛m hungover as it all gets a bit emotional and I end up a bit of a wreck but a stunning piece of music.

14) DJ Rels - Diggin’ In Brownswood 

The best broken beat record not made in west London. Maybe THE best broken beat record. Madlib giving it some under his ͚DJ Rels͛ alias and smacking it out of the park. When I first heard it you won͛t forget it and that͛s before you get to the absolute bananas breakdown that doesn͛t really make sense but just adds to it͛s appeal.

15) Timeline - Transition (4 Hero Remix) 

West London remixes Detroit. They should of made a film. When ͚4 hero met Underground Resistance͛ would of been so much better that ͚When Harry Met Sally͛. What remix and still hugely underrated and I͛ve never understood why. To be fair it is a bit of a beast and it͛s got a full on rave vibe going on, would probably clear the floor these days but you know they͛d be back on by the end.