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This weekend, we welcome Distant Worlds label boss Paul Rimbaud to the Dusk Dubs family!

"I’d first like to express my thanks for the opportunity to contribute to one of my favourite mix series on the web, one that has soothed many a hangover on a Sunday afternoon. Also a shout to all the previous selectors who made the job that much harder by having picked some amazing selections already. I have tried to avoid any repeats from previous mixes though I’m sure a couple may have fallen through the cracks.

I tried to approach this as condensing the ‘journey’ of a night out into a listenable ‘album’ amount of time - from the first drinks at a bar all the way through to moving from bar to club and then piling back into a front room or after party at the very end.

When I think of sunset tunes, I rarely think of my usual surroundings of South London but more of a chiringuito on the Med, drinks flowing, the music complimenting the vista, the night alive with possibility and I have tried to capture that spirit here albeit with a little divergence into South London!"

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1) Len Leise - A Bend In The River

I remember there being a liberal sprinkling of ‘alternative facts’ surrounding this release, apparently pertaining to be an old producer discovered in a tape bin in Paris and persuaded to come out of retirement to make this EP. True or not, the music speaks for itself as is generally the case with anything International Feel releases, they are truly at the heart of the new Balearic movement. This tune is very reminiscent of Philip Glass or Steve Roach but transported into the rainforest with its chimes, hand drums and eerie yet hopeful melody.

2) Paul McCartney - Sunshine Sometime (Instrumental)

Outside of The Beatles, my favourite McCartney work has always been McCartney II, which amongst the majority of his fans was mostly rubbished. I remember my mum coming home from a boot sale, having bought a copy for me. I stuck it on the record player expecting something Beatle-esque and thought, “what the fuck is this?” but quickly grew to love the tunes like Temporary Secretary and Frozen Jap that made use of early synths and sequencers. Years later I came across a bootleg record called McCartney Balearic Rarities featuring different versions of those tracks, discovering this track on there and, my, what a beauty… perfect sunshine music.

3) Abel Lima - Corre Riba, Corre Baxo

Featured here to further enhance that beach bar vibe, Costa Verde vibes here, don’t know too much about this release or artist, picked up a 7-inch a few years back of this and simply feels immeasurably suited to a sunset mojito or such like.

4) Grace Jones - The Crossing

Trevor Horn conjuring up a moment of magic here which epitomises the sound of sunset in Ibiza for me; warm, ethereal, tropical, uplifting yet melancholic. Sampled nearly a decade later by Ed Rush for the ‘ardcore generation on 5AM, which is equally worthy of a sunset spin.

5) Maizena - Approval

Couple years back i was walking out of my usual record shop and i heard this tune, turned instantly to ask the guy behind the counter what it was. “Maizena”, he says, “Regelbau crew, Aarhus” in the most condescending manner possible as if I was an idiot for not knowing instantly. Yet such was the force of his tone that I began to sympathise with him, instantly aware of my faux-pas and display of shameless ignorance. So in an effort to educate myself and somewhat redeem myself in front of this font of knowledge I bought a copy and in the coming weeks promptly bought up the back catalogue on a trip to Barcelona. They have fast become my favourite label/collective of recent years. Check their radio shows, mixes, releases: everything they touch is gold, not tied down by genre and spanning everything ambient to house to jungle in the process.

6) Kuniyuki Takahashi - Echoes Of The Past

Only discovered this artist this year after Music From Memory put out a 2 volume retrospective of his tape stuff from the 80s and 90s. Both come highly recommended but this track is a particular highlight for me, perfect for melting into as day becomes night.

8) Cloudface - Meadow Like

This track perfectly suits the sunset for me, and signifies the step off from relaxing drinks to preparing for the onslaught, the slow beat of the deep deep kicks in the background beckoning you to the club. The melody has melancholia in droves as subtle touches morph and counter the central riff. The sun is down, now it’s time for the night to take shape…

9) Kadidiatou Samakes - Eyaye (Lord Leopard Re-Decoration)

Fantastic edit of an equally fantastic tune but for our purposes this is the one to get the night underway. My missus is very into African music and opened up my eyes to labels such as Analogue Africa and Awesome Tapes and when I discovered this tune in a record store day (not usually a fan) unsold pile I found it to be perfect for those sundowner sets to transition between the more song based tracks to start the night and the heavier beat-led sounds to come.

10) Open Spaces - Sunrise Paradise Garage

In the late 90s / early 2000s, before discogs and the like, record shops were treasure troves of undiscovered greatness. I had a Music & Video Exchange minutes from where I went to university and I visited EVERY day. Piles and piles of records for 50p and a £1, glorious stuff. This was one such record, bought, unheard, thinking it was something else and costing all of 50p when I got it home it dawned on me that I had found a real treasure!! Reminiscent of another fave of mine, Orbital’s Chime (i think both released around the same time) this transports you instantly away to a better place.

11) Sunshower - Weekend Millionaire

An example of a perfect club tune, prominent 4/4 layered with tough breaks and a healthy dose of euphoria. Not much more to say about this tune, I’ll let it do the talking…

12) Mikey James - Mello

Another record bought unheard (HMV Bromley, 1994 hahaha, funny - I must have thousands of records yet I can remember where i bought nearly every one of them) purely on the strength of it being a Sub Base tune. Once more, not dissapointed. Mikey was/is the brother of the more well-known rave hero, Mark Ryder. This release went very much under the radar at the time. I don’t seem to remember it ever being played out or on the radio but, tucked away on the B Side, it’s a sublime slice of gloriousness. Available for peanuts on discogs still.

13) Omni Trio - Beyond The Fundamental (Big Bud Remix)

I discovered this track on 99.2, as part of the budget sampler series put out by Moving Shadow in the late 90s. This track was the soundtrack to the journey to and from clubs and raves back then in my car. Fond memories of driving around with this blasting out at stupid o clock in the morning on the way home, still feeling the buzz of the night before and not wanting it to end. Whole tune just has that sense of movement to it and I will never tire of it, pure lushness when the bassline comes in.

14) Endgames - Ecstacy (Jam City Refix)

First became aware of this after Aphex Twin ended his set with it at Bloc (I think). Not familiar with the original but very little of that is used bar a few synth stabs repurposed. The rhythm is fractured and spastic yet still funky and another rack where the euphoria shines through. Topped off by some mad square wave bassline that floats in and out straight out of the early grime scene.

15) Pinch - Qawwali

This is where the euphoria starts to dwindle, to be replaced by a hint of paranoia and darkness. Night is truly upon us as Pinch delivers a masterclass in deepness with this meditative roller. Minimal and understated, saturated in depth, this is approaching the pinnacle of the scene that grew out of FWD and Plastic People. Timeless.

16) Panda Bear - Ponytail

Both Panda Bear and parent band, Animal Collective went through a period of a few years where they could do no wrong for me. I always thought of them as being like The Beach Boys but having lived through acid house and having added a healthy dose of MDMA to the psychedelic diet they were already knocking back in the 60s. This tune is like a signpost of the inevitable comedown, saying that the rave honeymoon is over, the euphoria’s gone. Still beautiful but fractured and more delicate. You just gotta love the refrain, “When my soul starts growing” which i like to mis-hear as “When my soul starts glowing”. If you’ve been there, you’ll know the feeling…

17) John Williams - Yub Nub

Well, what better way to finish than with the final piece of music heard in the finest sci-fi trilogy ever committed to film. Memories of this piece of music always fill me with a tinge of sadness, I remember being a kid and having watched a Star Wars marathon this tune was the pointer that it was all over, no more, you’ve done all 3 and there’s nothing more to watch haha. Still that melancholia has a little hold over me every time I hear it but really it’s the sound of hope and there’s a nice message there in the lyrics too if you care to listen out.