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This weekend we welcome Producer, DJ, and London's Rye Wax 'One Seventy' Regular, Books to the Dusk Dubs Family.

Books is a producer currently residing in North East London. His music is a reflection of the fallout from a post drum and bass aesthetic. Highly textured, brooding, melancholic and reflective in its nature; whilst exploring a spatiality, movements in space and immersive sound environments.

Releases on the Detuned Transmissions, Detuned vs Eternia and a debut EP and vinyl release on Metro’s Ortem imprint has seen his productions begin to reach a wider audience. As well as remixes for DAAT, Dyl and Jalex Books has a forthcoming 12” and a solo album scheduled for release later this year.


Alongside his solo work he has also been collaborating with Hiphop instrumentalist ‘Aver’ on a project still under construction. Books is a regular at the acclaimed One Seventy night at Rye Wax in London. For a taste of his style and productions check this mix for the One Seventy show on Balamii…

"Firstly I’m hugely honoured to have been asked to provide a mixtape for what is such an amazing series alongside some incredible musicians, DJs and producers. This is an extensive resource, which draws on years of musical expertise and knowledge. To be given the chance to add something to this catalogue is an honour.

The premise for the podcast is a special one and is, for me such an important part of what makes our relationship to music so extraordinary. This selection is of particular meaning to me, and for a variety of reasons which in some ways is hard to pin down. There is some music included that I have only come across very recently and some which I’ve known for as long as I can remember, some tunes which help me to access particular memories, or vibe and emotion and some which export me to another universe. These songs can stand as gateways to eras of our lives and as structures to hold us up in harder times.


The meaning and pleasure derived from music is always in the ear and mind of the listener and is for you to decide, and yet what makes music so important is the chance to share our experience of what we hear. There is no right or wrong in this.

The mix is a snapshot of music that influences and inspires me, and connects me with the people that occupy my world. I hope you enjoy the selection."

You can find Books HERE:





1) Alaska & Seba – Back from Eternity

This is a sublime piece of music. I find the breaks have a hypnotic quality when combined with the slow moving washed out pads. The depth of which reaches a beautiful crescendo, going deeper and wider drawing you in. Beautifully simple and effortless in execution. I’ve enjoyed this tune with close friends at the evenings end.

2) Billy Ocean - Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) (Discoslexic Edit)

This was a tune I heard on the end of an edition of ‘The Aptitude Show’ on Rinse FM with Dbridge. I’ve never heard the original but immediately had to find out what it was to get a copy. I love playing this tune to people. Mainly because I can remember my own reaction when I first heard it. Smashed it at a friend’s wedding recently!

3) Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love

There is a beautiful restraint and understatement to this track. The whole tune has an equilibrium which is never dominated by any part in particular. I love a slow jam and this is one of the best ever.

4) Burial – UK

Incredibile sketch from Burial. For what is a relatively short piece of music it draws you in very quickly and deeply. The whole piece I perceive through an ethereal filter as delicate voices scatter the crackling horizon. Burial’s music at times exists in its own environment and I love that about his work.

5) Dan Harbanam – Record

Dan Harbanam is another producer who takes you on a unique journey. His ‘From The Known’ album, from which this track is taken, is truly unique. The beautiful meandering melodies of this piece take me to a place of reflection.

6) Distance - Fallen

I will always have fond memories of the early days of Dubstep; club nights put on by friends, house parties and festivals. This particular tune always grabbed the imagination of myself and a close mate. The monastic chanting, subtle bass and drums send me away.

7) J Majik – Repertoire

This track is brilliantly detailed. There is a new element to hear and consider on every listen. The pads are soaring and the ever present arpeggio holds the track together as the other elements dance around the space. This one is ever evolving and a dream like voyage from all the wau back in ‘96.

8) Justin time – Movin

This record was gifted to me by a friend in 2001 I think, along with a load of other hardcore records from around the 94/95 period. We’re not in touch anymore but the memory and this tune endures! This is my favourite of those tunes, the classic pianos and pitched up vocals make it.

9) Lorne Greene – Ringo

This one takes me back to playing records from my Dad’s collection as a child. My Dad got this record from his cousin apparently as he had two copies (lucky guy). This track is the b-side to the Bonanza theme tune which has nothing on this banger, a more dramatic tale has never been told.

10) Patrice Rushen - Remind Me

Another favourite slow jam from my vinyl collection. I now forget where I originally heard it but was hunting a copy for a while. Just so smooth and love the instrumentation. Stone cold classic.

11) Prince - Crazy You

There had to be Prince track included in this mix, there are so many to choose from. This one is a personal favourite from his first studio album. Love the intimate quality to this track and Prince’s trademark vocal lines capture his brilliance.

12) Talib Kweli & Hi Tek - The Blast

One of my favourite HipHop tracks of all time. I first saw this on MTV base which I used to watch with my brother and had to get the album (Train of Thought). The laid back nature of the beat matched with both Kweli and Hi-Tek featuring on vocals is killer. Love it.

13) They Live – 7998

The interaction between human and robot featured in this track can actually be found somewhere in the realms of the internet. Here the conversation is brilliantly juxtaposed and the futuristic scene created is fully sick. The ‘Cancel Standard’ album is well worth checking out.

14) Transportation AAD – Pagoda

Released on Darkestral this track is probably my favourite from the seminal label. A good friend picked up this copy for me, amazingly for just £2. Bargain. I love this track, one of my favourites from the autonomic era. Absolute perfection, it just blows me away. The alias is a co lab between Boddika and the label owner Rico I believe.

15) ASC & Sam KDC – Lost Negatives

Incredible ambience in this piece. The pads slay me down. I love playing this track as part of my sets, it really takes me away. As soon as it starts the listener is transported to a different place. This track was also instrumental in tuning my ears into ambient music in general.

16) Dbridge _ Detuned Heart

At least one Dbridge tune had to be included, I’ve always been a huge fan of his music. This one features that classic Dbridge tonality. The ethereal arpeggios convey an almost futuristic dystopian setting. The timbre of the synth, subtle arrangement and high flying pads make this one.

17) DJ Taye feat. DJ Manny - Burnin Ya Boa

This track serves as a great introduction to the sound of Footwork. Twisted soul samples, with jagged intensity of drum programming and heavy 808s.

18) Dreamcast - Liquid Deep

I first heard this track as an instrumental by an artist called Sasac. I think it had a limited vinyl release which I missed but was recorded with a vocal and released at a later date. I prefer the instrumental to be honest but its still an amazing tune. Super smooth.

19) Floating Points -For Marmish Part II

Fourteen minutes of absolute bliss, close your eyes and let yourself go. I only heard this one a few weeks ago for the first time. Love the way it builds and evolves over the duration of the track. Have yourself a moment.

20) H.E.R – Facts

H.E.R is yet to release a full studio album as of yet. I heard this track on my kitchen radio and needed to find out who she is immediately. Her voice is mesmerising and the production on her stuff sounds great to my ears.

21) King Krule – Cementality

King Krule is a national treasure. This track features some of his trademark self depreciating wordplay, imagery and reverb.

22) Roy Ayers – Let Me Love You Again 
I had to include some Roy Ayers. There is so much positivity in his music. This is not from the most celebrated period of his career but still delivers. I love the opening lines from Chandri Curelli who provides the second lead vocal. Roy’s tunes always sound good with a female vocalist in my opinion. Standard rinse out on the vibraphone also included.