DD0522 - Neil Sherwood with Black Box an

This week we welcome Neil Sherwood to the Dusk Dubs family.

"This mixtape is a selection of tunes that I think shaped me musically. I haven͛'t gone for anything particularly obscure, just wonderful music that͛'s crossed my path over the years."


You can find Neil HERE:






1) Grant Green -  Down Here on The Ground

A lovely vibesy number to open up as sampled by A Tribe Called Quest.  I first heard this on a bootleg compilation of Tribe sample sources.  I feel like I came to a lot of old jazz and soul through the hip hop sample !

2) Sarah Vaughan – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

Sarah Vaughan’s version of the Marvin Gaye classic is a thing of beauty.  I first heard this when I moved to London in the days when Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge and Bob Jones were on one after another on Kiss FM Sunday nights.  I can’t remember which of them played it, but it had me reaching for the notepad.

3) Letta Mbulu – Pula Yetla

Letta Mbulu and David Axelrod are a wonderful combination, this song is the proof.

4) Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – The Liberation Song (Red, Black & Green)

It’s one of my regrets that I never got to see Gil live before he passed away.  I had tickets to see him around the time of the XL album but the gig was cancelled due to a volcano cloud.  This is one of my absolute favourites of his.

5) Betty Davis – Anti Love Song

I first had this song on a mixtape from an acid jazz club I went to a few times when at uni in Leeds.  For years I didn’t know who it was or who it was by.  When I finally found out I was over the moon to get hold of a proper copy on wax.

6) Aaron Neville – Hercules

Another one I came to via a hip hop sample.  This one used by Young MC on I Come Off

7) Flora Purim – Stories to Tell

I’ve been to Brazil a couple of times but never managed to buy any music until my most recent trip.  It happened to be my birthday and I got the green light to spend the afternoon sifting through the racks in a lovely shop in Rio (shout out to Tracks).  This is taken from one of the treats I picked up.

8) Nina Simone – See-Line Woman

I managed to see Nina live in Paris not too long before she passed away.  I didn’t expect her to do this song, but an audience member happened to request it.  She answered back that it’s a dance song and she’s too old to dance.  After a bit of crowd encouragement, she started humming the melody and the band joined in.  A magical moment for me.

9) Rose Royce – Sunrise

I’ve never seen the film Car Wash, but when I heard this lovely piece of music on the radio one afternoon, I had to find myself a copy of the soundtrack.

10) Gwen Guthrie – Peanut Butter (Larry Levan mix)

One of those tracks that was rinsed for samples in the early rave days.  Has the effect that certain lines jump out at you with familiarity.  Larry Levan’s dubby disco vibe is something truly special.

11) Marvin Gaye – A Funky Space Reincarnation

Taken from Marvin’s infamous divorce album ‘Here, My Dear’, Marvin at his funkiest.

12) UMCs – One To Grow On

It was all about hip hop when I was a youngster and this is one of the tunes I used to blast from my bedroom.

13) Dudley Perkins – Flowers

I’m a big fan of Madlib who produced this and I absolutely love Dudley’s woozy vocal on this one.

14) 2day & 2moro – Disney On Acid

Cute little 7” from the always dependable Omniverse label.  I suspect this is a Marc Mac production as most things were on that label.

15) Nora Dean – Angie La La

I love the vibe on this, a little bit freaky, a little bit weird. A record I come back to time and time again.  Zara McFarlane did an amazing version too.

16) New Sector Movements – Para

IG Culture is one of my all-time favourite producers.  The New Sector period for me is his most stunning work.  This one just sounds like nothing else before or since.

17) Lil’ Louis & The World – New Dance Beat

Taken from his excellent second album, ‘Journey with The Lonely’.  This is one of the house tracks I first learnt to beat mix with on a pair of belt driven Aristons (shout out to Jonesy!)