DD0529 - Nibbers with Black Box and Type

This week, we welcome back our good friend, avid record collector and  'Selector Extraordinaire' Andrea Nibbers, with another of his wonderful musical stories.

"This is another of my stories, talked through the medium of recorded music. There’s a quote in the Charlie Chaplin’s film dedicated to the life of (possibly) the greatest comedian of all time (edit: the one with the incredible Robert Downey junior) where he says something on the lines of: “If you want to know me, watch my films”… well, I steal and re-arrange that quote by saying:” If you want to know who I am, listen to the music I love”. Not that I would compare myself to Charlie Chaplin of course but you get the idea…

As ever, my ideas of dubby tunes that you might want to listen at dusk can differ from the majority of those who have and will put together their own selections for this incredible project (props to all the ones involved for making it happen consistently since 5 years and counting) but that’s the beauty of music ultimately. We express ourselves through it, the tracks we love always represent an intimate part of who we are, part of our memories, part of our baggage. Music is deeply personal for me and I take any selection, dj gig, studio mix very very seriously. Misrepresenting my output and/or talking to the wrong crowd would feel like walking in a room with no clothes on full of strangers staring. Vaguely awkward. Time to listen now, never mind the rest.

Thanks to the Dusk Dubs family for asking me again to provide and present to all of you another slice of some of my favourite records, alongside the ramblings of a man past his sell date. Only my wife has managed to survive that in 16 years living elbow to elbow with me.

Until the next time, I salute you. ​Enjoy x"  


Artwork credited to Rohan Reilly (Website link - Rohanreilly.com)

You can find Nibbers HERE:



1) David Crosby – Orleans
This is the best Intro to this selection I could think of, a tone setter for what’s to come. Sampled (or vulgarly said “lifted”) entirely by Psychemagik (as most of you will no doubt already be aware of), one of those golden nuggets that comes out of nowhere. From the majestic album of David Crosby “If I Could Only Remember My Name”(Thank you Rob… you know why)

2) Cigarettes After Sex – K
Melancholic indie tinged of opium traces and long nights spent with the firm proposition of changing your entire life as soon as dawn creeps in. This tune captures one of those comedowns when your return to Planet Earth makes you long for comfort foods and your favourite sofa to dribble on. Absolutely and painfully beautiful.

3) Bombay Hotel – Between Leaves
Discovered courtesy of that mega compilation put together by one of my favourite selectors ever: the mighty Moonboots of Aficionado fame. Released in 2017, if you haven’t got this downtempo goldmine, you are either mad or deaf or both. Or simply you don’t belong to the universe I resonate with . Fair enough, each to their own. A dubby laid back Balearic gem to listen to by the sea at dusk (funnily enough).

4) Soul Media – Breeze 
A little sleazy jazz number from the 1970s that got re-pressed for Record Store Day this year. Not that I ever bother to go and queue for hours (or even camp by the shop since the night before, like some seem to do) for the exclusivity of a flogged dead horse painted in gold but I really wanted this record and I have of course missed out on it when it got released on juno (probably for a total of 5 copies). As always, I ended up paying through my nose for this beauty. The original LP or the repress from 2015 goes for stupid money on discogs so I counted my blessings when I copped this 7” for a reasonable (not really) amount of cash .. alright nothing to see here… . I am sucker for this laid back jazz fusion tracks, what can you do? It must be my age…

5) Idjut Boys & Laj – Slateo
Pitched down drums, dubby echoes, hypnotic groove. One of those records that you would like to hear over and over and never stop. Well it’s around 8 minutes mark so make sure you do enjoy those fully while getting lost in the ride. I love the Idjut Boys ,I really do.

6) Vania Bastos – Tabu
Yes, you guessed a cover of the iconic soulful queen of the 1980s: Sade. Sade is in my opinion amazing even though you will find a lot of people disagreeing … this record is also great and comes courtesy of the recent compilation of obscure synthesized brazillian hits kindly pressed by Soundway. Not every cover I like, this one I do and makes me smile. So there you go.

7) Sam Dees – Signed Miss Heroin
I have discovered this beauty thanks to my good friend, vinyl junkie and all round music lover: Philip Wells (Phil Basement for those who know his dj/artistic moniker).

You need to listen to the lyrics… there’s not a lot I can tell you: just listen to the whole tune. It’s an incredibly poignant piece of soul. Incredible record. 10/10

8) Atelje – Zephyr
We enter the cosmic and progressively psychedelic phase of my selection. A mini journey represented by each tune I have chosen. This is the intro and what an intro. You get lost in a maze of layers of sounds. My idea of dub (broadly intended) as a feel more than a genre. One of those tunes that you need to take in without being distracted by anyone, unless you are prepared to kill the invasive presence (being a human, animal or inanimate object of choice) distracting your meditative listen. Or something on those lines. Me being bit obsessive? Never…

9) No-Man – Heaven Taste
If no one has managed to ruin your cathartic experience set by the tune above, you can get even more beautifully lost with this one…oh boy.. on this 12” there’s a tasty remix of Jimi Tenor on the flip too for added joy, I do however prefer the original take… Synths galore. The soundtrack to the heavenly road to Utopia.

10) Sir Richard Bishop – Mirage
Melancholic guitar in a neo classical fashion? I’ll have that, thank you very much. Close your eyes and be transported somewhere in North Africa, at the end of a baking hot day, while staring at the sunset, trying to convince yourself that living in a city like London is the most sensible choice. Get the idea? No? Me neither. Get drinking and forget about our human slightly miserable condition, while dancing on the waves of the masterful arpeggios of Sir Richard Bishop (is he really a Sir? He should be if the music of this album is anything to go by)

11) The Main Stem – Since I left You
I have discovered this Norwegain (of all places) piece of tinged fusion, trippy beauty courtesy of the impeccable taste of my good Brummie mate Robert Johnston. The guy has a monumental encyclopedic knowledge about great soulful music, only second to his love for red wine. Rob, I dearly love you. One of a kind, you are. Back to this beauty, it completes the mini psychedelic journey into your head and heart, passing through your soul. Too good. Forget about the Prins Thomas Miks on the flip, here the original steals completely the show.. so good. Listen ad come back to me to tell me differently, I dare you.

12) Blank & Jones – Good (Leo Mas & Fabrice Remix)
What a remix this is .. .simple (simplicity is rarity in music and achieved by very few) and so effective. A mid tempo gem masterfully put together by the experienced duo (part of the original holy triad: Leo Mas, Fabrice , Gemolotto) . The experienced ears of two djs who have seen it all and more and still know how to simply touch your heart and soul. That piano line is something to swoon at. The warm hug of a friend lost but safely found years later by complete coincidence. Moving record.

13) Electronic System III – Skylab
Now this is a very sought after slice of downtempo, psychedelic fusion (for use of a better description). A monster record from the 1970s that, thank the Lord, got repressed with a generous one side 12” on its own on the Funky Chimes Part One compilation (the original LP will set you back 300 pounds at least – that if you ever see it on sale anywhere). A selection of Belgian Grooves from the 70s ( I quote from the cover here). There are no words to describe the immensity of the record. Better than sex, when sex is great and possibly more (unless you don’t like music, in which case probably you may find this description a tad overstated..). An epic journey into the melancholic territory of jazz, soul, easy listening (in the best sense of the word here) while experiencing the best natural high you could possibly imagine. I know I get carried away a bit with words but let me state this again: I absolutely adore this record. And so should you, if you have any soul left.