DD0531 Jamie Exalt Artowrk with Black Bo

This week we have the pleasure of inviting Exalt Records label owner Jamie Exalt, who takes us on a personal journey through music that has influenced him over the years.

Jamie Exalt has been on the scene or there abouts for 30 years. Progressing from the Under 18s events in the local hall to raves and parties around the London / Essex borders. Like many of his age, Steve Bicknell’s Lost parties will always be his most treasured rave memory.

He DJed (often quite badly) during the 90s and early 2000’s and was resident DJ for multi-media art collective OMSK, coordinating music for over 30 events in London, Cambridge, Brighton and Oslo.

Jamie started Exalt Records is 2003 with longtime friend Mark, with the simple aim of releasing good music from friends and associates of Mark’s record shop Hedonizm Records in Brighton. After a 10 year break Exalt Records has returned and is now run by Jamie in East London. There have been six releases in 2018 and much more to come in 2019. Jamie is also head tea boy and general dogs body at Exalt T-shirts.

You can find Jamie HERE:




1) Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (1982)
When I heard this track I knew I was falling in love with music, cheesy but true…His voice and the simple beat in perfect harmony. If pushed to select my favourite record of all time, this would be it – fact!

2) Gwen McCrae - All This Love That I’m Giving (1979)
Re-released in 1988 this record was part of my transition from Hip-Hop to street soul and ultimately dance music. Soul II Soul and Alyson Williams also get a name check here.

3) Eric B & Rakim – My Melody (1986)
My brother Simon has a lot to answer for!! He let me hang out with his DJ friends, took me to record shops and my first Hip Hop concerts / parties. The album featuring this track soundtracked bath time before school for us both on countless occasions and for me Rakim is hands down the best rapper ever.

4) Uptown - Dope on Plastic (1989) 
When I started going out to parties organised by friends, there was still a lot of Hip Hop being played. This track has the hard hitting beats needed to rock a dance floor and still sounds great to this day.

5) Reese – Rock to The Beat Mayday Mix (1989)
Although I’d heard some of Kevin’s production under his Innercity guise, this was definitely the sound of the future for me. First heard in 1991 on the Network Retro Techno compilation, leant to me by the boyfriend of a girl I worked with in South Woodford branch of Bejam.

6) Carl Craig / 69 – Desire (1994)
The most perfect electronic music track.

7) Aphex Twin – Ageispolis (1992)
Impossible to put a favourites track listing together without a track from Richard. Difficult to pick just one and could easily do a track listing just from him. The soundtrack to psychedelic experiments both near and far…

8) Balil – Parasight (1993)
Love all the early Black Dog stuff and this is hands down one of the best acid trance dance records to ever be released. I’ve only ever heard this record once in a club (The End) and with maximum strobes on, the energy on the dancefloor nearly tore the roof off.

9) Dillinja – The Angels Fell (1995)
Growing up in London I was of course exposed to Hardcore, Drum & Bass and Jungle and went to some great parties where those sounds were played. Dillinja’s drum programme has always set him apart from other producers and along with Photek is my favourite D&B producer.

10) Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn (1996)
Went through a spell of buying quite a bit of D&B and this record is really something rather special. When the drums drop after the intro, it’s just pure gold. Reminds me of a NYE party I was DJing at (badly) in the late 90’s at a friend’s parents flat in the Docklands. I played this just as the sun was peeking through the curtains and at that point we all realised the cream carpet was absolutely ruined!

11) Alice Smith – Love Endeavour Maurice Fulton remix (2006)
It’s not often a remix stands head and shoulders above the original track. This for me is the best remix made in the last 15 years.

12) Moodymann – The Third Track (1996)
The pure raw genius of Kenny Dixon Jnr. comes through in this great track. Detroit strong.

13) Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman – Never Tell You (1996)
It’s Basic Channel innit. Was DJing (not so badly) in a pub in Brighton and a fella approached me and said that’s a Grace Jones bassline. At the time I didn’t know which track he was talking about but realised after sometime, that yes the bassline is very similar to…

14) Grace Jones – Private Life (1980)
Stone cold classic. See above…

15) Vangelis – Love Theme from Blade Runner (1982)
Soundtracks have always been a big part of my musical life. I used to play this pitched down in between acts at the OMSK shows, it sounds absolutely incredible through a loud system.

16) Ennio Morricone – Once Upon a Time in the West (1970)
My wife took me to see Ennio perform at the O2 arena a couple of years back for my birthday. I was absolutely blown away and the concert was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Another track I used to play at the OMSK events.

17) Acker Bilk – Stranger on the Shore (1961)

I first heard this as the intro to a documentary about the life of Buddy Holly when I was young. The opening scenes were from the cemetery where Buddy is buried and it was the first time I realised that music could perfectly soundtrack a moment and a feeling on screen.