This week we are once again humbled to welcome back our good friend DJ Trax to our DuskDubs Mixtape Series. 

After already providing us with 3 incredible mixtapes, he now steps up and blesses us with another superb volume in pure Trax style

"Big thanks for asking me back. This selection was carefully chosen from my racks. It starts of with some Jazz but defiantly goes on a few tangents. I know you Dusk Dubbers wouldn`t want it to straight and easy.....

The image is courtesy of Italian Drum and Bass producer Booca who was over at my place with Enjoy at the weekend". [[ DJ Trax ]]

You can find him HERE:







1) Yakhal Inkomo - Mankunku Quartet

What a track and what an album. This is exactly the type of jazz I love. Really warm and melodic. This album has been really sort after for years selling for upwards of a grand. Last year the album finally got a release outside of South Africa.

2) John Coltrane - Tunji

Taken from the self titled album on Impulse records in that amazing early 60`s period. I first heard this in a record shop in Norwich. The chords pulled me in straight away. Real deep jazz!


3) Dexter Gordon - A Night In Tunisia

I found the album 'Our Man In Paris' at a Bootsale for 50p - There are a couple of great tracks on the LP but I love the lyrical playing in this one.


4) Charles Mingus - II.B.S

I love this version! Taken from the 'Mingus Mingus Mingus' album. Again it`s from Impulse in the early 60`s period. I sampled the main bassline a few years back and then heard someone else had too so I scrapped it. I love how dynamic this track is. Cinematic, atmospheric and driving.

5) Head + Neck Sessions feat Becki Biggins - Far (Dancing Turtle)

10 years ago I was approached to remix a track by Amycanbe on Dancing Turtle Records. I then discovered Head and Neck sessions who were also signed to the label and in turn the amazing Becki Biggins. Becki is a Grammy nominated singer and saxophonist. We have worked together on various projects including 'All is Silent' with Naibu on Subtle Audio.

We will be working on fresh material in the new year. This track is where I first heard Becki`s amazing voice and I absolutely love it! Check her out here http://beckibiggins.com


6) Fug - Ready For Us

I featured this on a compilation on Hed Kandi called Winter Chill 2. I discovered this on Served Chilled 3 that HK released the following year.

It`s a beautiful track with all the right elements. I especially like the second half when the drummer takes things up a notch.


7) Toshio Matsuura Group - At Les

Hopefully most people reading this will know the Carl Craig`s classic `At Les`.

The very talented Toshino Matsuura is part of the legendary UFO. This version is taken from an EP I brought earlier in the year. It also features some excellent cover versions of some modern classics.

8) Nate Smith - Skip Step

Nate Smith is an incredibly talented drummer. I love his work with Jose James. This track is taken from his album Postcards from everywhere.


9) Cymande - Crawshay

'Ronnie Scotts' is one of my favourite places in the world. I have seen some amazing musicians there over the years. I have always loved Cymande but I went to see them at Ronnie`s earlier this year and it was undoubtedly the best gig I have ever seen.

They were truly amazing. I woke up the next day and brought fresh copies of four of their albums. They have such a unique sound. It`s a really fusion of styles that came out of the UK.

10) Mercury Rev - Holes

Bit of a tangent here! I was signed to part of 3MV in the late 90`s. They were a huge distribution company. The guy who ran the label gave me a lot of interesting records (Thank you Roger).

I love this record. It has such a bitter sweet atmosphere. The strings are beautiful and there are not many records with a bowed saw solo. The video is also really worth checking out.


11) Marti Caine - Love The Way You Love Me

A wicked groove from a very unlikely source. Marti Caine was a comedian and singer who was on TV a lot when I was growing up. I had no idea she made a track like this until a couple of years ago.


12) Ed Wizard + Disco Double Dee - Straight Up

I love the O.V Wright original. They done a great job with this re-edit. I discovered this version through the 'Nightmares on Wax Boiler Room set'. Which is well worth checking out. It`s an amazing set to a very muted audience!