This week we invite Record label co-owner Stuart Nicetraxuk to provide a journey through his musical history.

Stuart first started Djing in the late 80's early 90's firstly playing at clubs in Birmingham, then after going to the Humingbird club on a Friday (Snapper club), which was Birmingham's first full dance /acid house night, he started getting into the dance scene. He got a few early gig's in Birmingham before going off to Ibiza and Tenerife in 1990. Some time later, Stuart returned to the UK and carried on playing gigs and putting nights on in and around Birmingham, and going to rave's such as Amnesia, the Blackburn raves and the Hacienda, before moving to Aberdeen where he carried on playing and also worked in Airline records, In 97 Stuart moved to San Francisco and worked at Tweekin Records Djing all over California for the store. He returned in 2004 and retired from the scene, only to start back in 2012 with the brilliant NICETRAXUK Label

"Its not often you get the chance to play or record a set with music that has influenced or just made you sit up and take note. That also throws up the issue of how do I even decide what to play? So I didn’t.....this is totally off the cuff and with no real thought of programming except from random thoughts of my history in music and music that does have reference to me." [[ STUART ]]

You can find him HERE:




1) 808 State - Pacific 707 
Hearing this and then seeing 808 State on top of the pops, I think was one of those ground breaking moments within the scene. It is a brilliant warehouse track and the sound was British - had Dance music arrived!!!!!!


2) My Bloody Valentine - Glider (Andrew Weatherall Remx) 
Probably my favourite Andy Weatherall remix of all time. Just for the fact it was one of the first I had heard and to me was a total change in how to remix a track. Coming from an indie based band background, but now going to raves, it solidified my initiation into the dance scene bringing my favourite genres together. Just epic.


3) Radiohead - Planet Telex 
It took me along time to become a Radiohead fan, but over the years the band and its music has really grown on me. That excites me, as it gives you faith that music is good and that something initially that you don’t acknowledge slowly gets into your head... and then it’s a light bulb moment.


4) Electribe 101 - Inside Out 
It’s a Brummie thing, fantastic group and they were from my home town, what’s not to like.


5) Blow Monkeys - La Passionara 
I was in Ibiza only once for a season back in 91, this was part of the compilation to that summer, fantastic Balearic sound and also crossover music again in its early roots.


6) Arthur Baker/New Order and Confusion - Walking On Sunshine 
I’m a huge New Order and Joy Division fan, so was conscious of adding this to the selection, and then this popped up and it had to go on, just great early mash up mixing and they go together so well.


7) Metro Area - Proton Candy 
When I was living in San Francisco and being part of Tweekin Records store, label and DJs, it was great to be really immersed in American underground music and the scene (pre EDM). When Metro Area came around, it just worked for me and many others, and this is one of my favourite tracks by them, but I could play them all.


8) UB40 - King 
Growing up, UB40 was the sound of Birmingham and I think Reggae and its pop off shoots and more commercial or more acceptable UK sound was all a round us. But to be fair 'Present Arms' and 'Signing Off' were ground breaking albums and yet again that DIY spirit of doing it for yourself as the same as the dance scene yet again stands out.


9) UB40 - Sardonicas
Once I played one UB40 track I had to squeeze another one in, again the sound of my teenage years .


10) The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony – I just love this track.

11) Small Faces - Watcha Gonna Do About It
This is the Mrs’s influence. Being a MOD, she introduced me to this sort of music along with Northern Soul. Again its great to still be excited by music I may of not necessarily listened to all the time.


12) Happy Mondays – WFL (think about the future remix Paul Oakenfold) lost count how many times I went and watched the Mondays in the early 90’s I was more Mondays than Roses, but loved them both, so I had to play a Mondays track 

13) Smiths - How Soon It Is 
For me, it's really all about Johnny Marr, I did like the Smiths, but I loved his Guitar playing, again a throw back to my indie days in the mid to late 80’s.


14) Hardkiss - Raincry
So 8 years in San Francisco and Hardkiss was one of the driving forces to going there, then becoming friends with them and still to this day having contact and also all the other people, it was a huge part of my dance music life in fact more then the previous years of around 6 years prior to moving there in 96. It is the sound of the west coast 90’s.