DD0536 - Dub Wars (Ragga Twins) with Bla

This week Dusk Dubs readies the sound system for another classic edition in "Dub Wars".

Now if you not familiar with 'Dub Wars'.... we invite two selectors to bring their records boxes to the ring, and go toe to toe, trading musical punches in a Dusk Dubs sound clash....

For this edition, we have invited 2 brothers..... 2 MC͛s that have been instrumental in shaping not only Mcing, but as Allmusic have stated ...."crucial cogs in the development of U.K. dance music".


The Ragga Twins aka Flinty Badman and Deman Rockers, originated as part of London's Unity Sound System, operating under the name in 1989. Through to 1992, they issued a pile of 12" singles, on the self-named label run by Shut Up & Dance (who also did the production work); Hooligan 69, Mixed Truth and Wipe the Needle along with the album Reggae Owes Me Money (1991); these releases, containing tracks like "Illegal Gunshot," "Spliffhead," and an early featured role on Shut Up & Dance's "Lamborghini," were bold steps forward, fiercely energetic mutations of dancehall, hip-hop, and jungle. They resurfaced in 1995 on EMI, and continued to release tracks intermittently into the 2000s.

The Ragga Twins' longest musical relationship is with another Dusk Dubs guest selector Aquasky, a partnership that was first cemented in 2001 when the tracks "All in Check ft. CoGee" and "Loko" were written for Botchit & Scarper. Four months later the tracks "Coffee" and "Dem No No We" were recorded for drum and bass label Moving Shadow, and in 2002, the drum and bass track "Dirty Entertainers" was recorded with Aquasky on their now defunct Sonix label.

In 2008, Soul Jazz Records issued a compilation album of their early 1990s recordings (notably their collaborations with production team/label Shut Up and Dance) entitled Ragga Twins Step Out͛.

To this day, they continue to be one of the most respected in-demand MC partnerships for underground events and it͛s a real honour to have these sound-system legends trade musical blows as they go head to head in a Dub Wars clash....

Get your scorecards primed, as the selectors are ready....

"These tunes chosen by The Ragga Twins for Dub Wars are special to us as they take us through 2 decades of reggae music before we became artists ourselves, to tracks that we was first to play on the sound system and chat on the versions , Tunes are from some of our favourite artists .

Enjoy" [[ Flinty Badman & Deman Rockers ]]

You can find The Ragga Twins HERE:






1) Junior Delgado - Fort Agustus (Flinty Badman) 
2) Bob Marley - Dread Natty Dread (Deman Rockers) 
3) Michigan And Smiley - Nice Up The Dance (Flinty Badman) 
4) Big Youth - Train To Rhodesia (Deman Rockers) 
5) Slim Smith - Never Let Go (Flinty Badman) 
6) Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey (Deman Rockers) 
7) Junior Delgado - Warrior (Flinty Badman) 
8) Ranking Dread...Shut Me Mouth (Deman Rockers) 
9) Dennis Brown - Sitting And Watching (Flinty Badman) 
10) Dennis Brown - Money In My Pocket (Deman Rockers) 
11) Tenor Saw - Ring De Alarm (Flinty Badman) 
12) Junior Delgado - Big Shot (Deman Rockers) 
13) Billy Boyo - One Spliff A Day (Flinty Badman) 
14) Pinchers - Borrow No Gun (Deman Rockers) 
15) Eek A Mouse - Wa Do Dem (Flinty Badman) 
16) Johnny Osborne - Hill & Gully Rider (Deman Rockers) 
17) Tenor Saw - Lots of Signs (Flinty Badman) 
18) Mighty Diamonds - Juvenile Child (Deman Rockers) 
19) Tears - Chuck Turner (Flinty Badman) 
20) Capleton - Slue Dem (Deman Rockers)