This weekend we invite vinyl junkie and DJ Paydro Bar to the Dusk Dubs family, with a selection of personal favourites from his amazing record collection.

Paydro, first got into vinyl as a five year old watching his Dad play various genres on vinyl and was instantly hooked, his Dad taught him how to look after and care for vinyl which he has never forgotten and still prides himself on how well kept his collection is.

He bought his first record at 13 years old and has never looked back, started off playing at local house parties in his teens which later lead him to play on underground pirate radio stations like Shine FM he eventually took a break from playing on the radio but still continued to buy vinyl of different genres.

Around 2015 he met a friend who would get him back onto the radio where he became a member of the Hip Hop Back In The Day crew playing golden era Hip Hop once month with the other crew members in rotation, on Westside Radio, shortly after that he would find himself doing a twice monthly Jungle/D&B show on www.lifefm.tv and also a Hip Hop show on Mondays again in rotation with the other HHBITD members which he still does currently.

His most recent new show is The Breaks & Soul Show every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm on http://www.itch.fm,

"The songs in this selection are songs that are personal favourites from my collection so sit back, relax and enjoy the journey" [[ PAYDRO BARR ]].

You can find Paydro HERE:



1) Rotary Connection Feat. Minnie Riperton - Respect 
Got put onto this song as a teenager while collecting music by Minnie Riperton after being blown away with her 5 octave vocal range and the love of her making this Otis Redding written classic her own on this version.

2) Roy Ayers - We Live In Brooklyn 
Love this track, can’t remember when I first heard it but it’s always been a favourite of mine, Roy Ayers can do no wrong.

3) Ahmad Jamal - Misdemeanor
First came across this track as part of the riding of the rare groove era in the early 90’s when everyone was playing the Foster Sylvers version, my love of Hip Hop and the need to track samples lead me to this version by way of the Gangstarr track “Soliloquy of chaos”.

4) Vanessa Kendricks - 90% Of Me Is You
Another stone cold classic and favourite of mine, love the Gwen Mcrae version but again my love of Hip Hop lead me to find this version as it was this version that was used by Main Source on “Just Hanging Out”.

5) The Headhunters - If You’ve Got It You’ll Get It
Just like most people, I’m a big fan of Herbie Hancock and yet again another track I was lead to by way of Hip Hop song “They Call Me Puma” by Seborn & Puma. This original version by the headhunters is perfect in every way from the mellow beginning through to the psychedelic middle and finally the wind down end, the song goes full circle, love it.

6) We The People - Forgotten Man
Got put on to this song by my good friend and Life FM colleague John Watts, he’s big on rare grooves, soul and all things funky, so yeah big ups to him.

7) The Soul Searchers - Ashley’s Roachclip
One of the first breaks I ever heard apart from your standard ones like funky drummer etc, I think I heard this on one of those Ultimate Breaks & Beats compilations back in the day.

8) Gentle Giant - The Advent of Panurge
Love this simply because of the style changes within the song I just love the fact that artists could be creative like that as opposed to the robotic formula of pop songs today, and then out of nowhere you get blessed with the “Look at my friend” sample R.I.P Dilla.

9) Pleasure - Bouncy Lady 
Heard on of my uncle’s playing this as a kid, had a few uncles that had dope record collections and one uncle in particular used to let us look through and play his records we’d be there hours playing stuff and looking at the covers.

10) Ohio Players - Pride & Vanity 
I used to see this in the window of a record shop on the Harrow Road as a kid and always wondered what the album sounded like, found out years afterwards when I was able to listen to it when record shops used to let you listen to things, bought it and it now lives in my collection with their other albums.

11) Andrew Ashong - Flowers 
This track I heard on a mixtape I was listening to in bed with headphones on, I had dozed off and this song woke me up, I looked through the track listing of the mixtape got the name and bought the record the following weekend.

12) Thundercat - Them Changes
What can I say about this dude right here? Absolute genius, nuff said.

13) Jill Scott - Whenever You’re Around
One of my all time favourite singers from just after the 90’s she’s gone from strength to strength and her live shows are off the chain, love all her tracks but this one here does it for me.

14) Amerie - Need You Tonight
Another one of my favourite singers, very underrated but I place her above certain other singers who currently get all the limelight, yep I said it.

15) Omar - The Man
This man’s the UK’s finest, and has made some timeless classics, this is homegrown soul done to perfection.

16) The Brand New Heavies - Sometimes (Ummah Mix)
Every now and again you get remixes that sound as if they should have been released as the original version, this is a classic example, can’t say anything bad about this remix, I give it 10/10.

17) The Rah Band - Are You Satisfied 
This outfit holds a special place in my heart, came across their tune “Messages From The Stars” one summer when I think I was 10 years old or so, I can’t even really go into what happened that summer but I will say that it’s a summer of me coming into my own and realising who I was as a person, I will never forget that summer.