DD0542 - Colin Smith Artwork with Black

This week we invite Twistedsoul's Colin Smith to the Dusk Dubs family,

"Music of an almost other-worldly beauty... I've always had an open mind when it comes to music, the most important thing for me is the imaginary and spiritually a track conjures up upon listening. Oh, and it also has to have the 'groove'.

In the main, I've gone for more recent tracks with a few oldies in there but this tiny selection is a good starting point to the tracks that have shaped me over both past years and present.

Thanks to Dusk Dubs for the invite and for curating a mix series that allows the tracks to be heard the way artists intended in there entirety.

Happy listening folks!" [[ COLIIN ]]


You can find Colin HERE:



1) Japan - The Experience Of Swimming 
2) Marcus Belgrave - Space Lullaby 
3) Planet Batagon -Turnip 
4) Ryuichi Sakamoto - Riots In Lagos 
5) Suzanne Kraft - Two Chord Wake 
6) Mo Kolours - Texture Like Sun (Golden Brown) 
7) Spacek - How Do I Move 
8) J Dilla - Time: The Donuts of the Heart 
9) Jaubi - Time: The Donut of the Heart (J Dilla Cover) 
10) Sarathy Korwar - Dreaming 
11) Hector Plimmer & Drahla - Eastern System 
12) Arnheim - Which of the Waltzes 
13) Duckett - Ghosts Of African Women 
14) Al Dobson Jr - Best Wishes 
15) iLLer The Abstract Giraffe - Heart Ft. Oscar Lane and Joe Fenwick-Wilson 
16) Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin - Midnite Oil (Sparkzzz) 
17) Madlib - Blue Note Interlude