This week we have a mixtape from Dusk Dubs very own Wilson Logan.

"My mixtape is a retrospective look across both mine and my dads records collections. It will contain a combination of tracks that i have heard him play as a kid, as well as stuff I’ve discovered myself and finally tracks from my own collection that i feel in someway have been influenced or moulded by these sounds. A Combination of folk, blues, rock and roll through to some new and old electronica." [[ WILSON ]]


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1) Muddy waters - Mannish boy
2) BB King - A Story Everybody knows
3) Muddy Waters - She’s nineteen years old 
4) The Shadows - Apache
5) Jimi Hendrix - She’s a fox
6) The Shadows - The rise and fall of fling bunt
7) Jimi Hendrix - Let the God sing
8) Rory Gallagher - Bankers Blues
9) ZZ Top - Blue jean blues
10) BB king - Ive always been lonely 
11) ZZ Top - Mexican Blackbird 
12) Eric Clapton - Same old blues
13) Deep purple - Love don’t mean a thing 
14) BB king - Take it home
15) Rolling stones - beast of burden
16) Deep purple - high ball shooter
17) Joe Bonamassa - High water Everywhere
18) Rory Gallagher - Sinner Boy
19) Joy Division - She’s lost control
20) Joe Bonamassa - Asking around for you
21) Hawkwind - Sonic attack
22) Hawkwind Hall of the Mountain Grill
23) Pink Floyd - Shine on you crazy diamond p1-5
24) Taxi Driver - A reluctant hero
25) Taxi Driver - Diary of a taxi driver
26) Prince - Lets go crazy
27) Omar S - Turn and walk away
28) Kynsha - I’m going to go (played at 33)
29) Andrew Weatherall - The confidence man
30) Radiohead - Climbing up the walls
31) The Sabres of Paradise - Truck Tow (Depth charge mix)
32) Ry X - Shortline

"Music should do two things - It should make you remember , or it should make you forget.

I think this is particularly prevalent in both electronic music and the blues, speaking from a personal level anyway. 

I wrestled with ideas for this Mixtape for some time before deciding on my final “angle”. 

Ive always loved my dads record collection. It might not be the biggest in the world, or the most musically diverse, but as most collections do, it tells a story. Coming from Northern Ireland had an effect on the music both myself and my father were brought up with. 
Rock n Roll, Country and Blues were at the forefront of what was being played on the radio and in bars across the country. 

For this mixtape I’ve got back to my roots, its a retrospective looks across both mine and my dads record collections. Its a commentary on how my tastes now have been, and continue to develop in response to those well packed and ordered beautiful slaps of 12” plastic. 

I thought about writing a bit about each track before i recorded this mixtape…….. i didn’t expect it to be 32 tracks long. Therefore I’m going to pick out select tracks and let the rest of them speak for themselves.

I started with this Muddy Waters track, i could have picked a few different openers but this one from Muddy is a real statement track, its him at his raw and honest best. Thats a bit of a theme across this mixtape, the rawness of some of the blues, i think its something that attracts me to it, soulful yet scratchy and raw, you can feel the emotion pour out of him as he plays this track. 

We then move onto B.B King and Hendrix. I remember one of the first times i properly heard and appreciated B.B King, i was maybe 15….. the tones BB produced from that sweet, sweet guitar he famously named Lucille, its still gets me to this day. Theres a funk and a rhythm to BB’s work that i believe is unmatched to this day, even amongst the higher echelons of the guitar community. 

Then we move onto Mr Hendrix…. what can i say thats not been said a thousand times over since he passed….The greatest…. he’s up there in my books. The Particular tracks I’ve picked out for this mixtape come from an earlier time than the Hendrix Experience stuff. Thats what i had mostly been exposed to as a youth, but when i found this record i was blown away by again the rawness of it. For me this is Hendrix finding his feet and developing his sound. You can hear his influence across many of the other artists in this mixtape. 

In between B.B King, Hendrix and Muddy i slipped in a Shadows track. Its only recently I’ve come to appreciate the Shadows and how important they were for everything that came after them. “Apache” was released in July 1960 and is truely the sound of the times, maybe slightly more Californian than north coast of Northern Ireland but for me its music to get very much lost in. 

Continuing on we move through some more Hendrix and Shadows until we land on one of the greatest guitar plays that a lot of people haven’t heard of but having wrestled with the decision he is , in my humble opinion, the best. Certainly the greatest to come from the emerald isle. He was taken far too early at the age of just 47, although significantly longer than some of his peers, it is true what they say about the brightest star. The way he plays that guitar is almost unmatched. At its peak its like a screaming banshee, at its most gentle its on par with some of B.B Kings finest moments. If you haven’t already i urge everyone to get into his back catalogue of music, you simply wont be disappointed. If it hadn’t been for my father i doubt i would have ever discovered Gallagher and for that i am eternally grateful. 

Working though the selections, I had to add a few of these. It was hard to pick out of all the stuff from Clapton, Deep Purple and ZZ Top, They are stables in my Dads collection and stuff that i always remember hearing as a kid. 

“Old Blue Jeans” by ZZ Top. WHAT.A.RECORD. The feelings and emotion running through this record is unbelievable, matched with the vocal performance, it is taken it to another level. As i sat and listened to this record all i could think about however, was the late Chris Cornell, of Soundgarden and Audioslave. He has an incredibly similar voice and i think he would have killed this song given the chance. 

We move, with a small stop at “The Stones”. They’re up their in my dads favourites so it would be criminal to not include them, i debated which track to go for as there are simply too many to pick from. I went with “Beast of Burden”. Again i think its the emotion in Jaggers voice that really struck a chord with me, and as always Keith Richards is sensational on guitar. Up there as one of my favourite Stones tracks. 

Next we roll onto Joe Bonamassa. I think this is the first artist on the list that i introduced my dad to, as opposed to the other way around. 

All of the Bonamassa tracks in this mixtape are taken from my Live in London album. I instantly fell in love with his sound when i first heard it. I feel like he was born in the wrong era to be fully appreciated, he wouldn’t be out of place in a smokey club in the mid 1970s, yet we are blessed with him in our modern era, proving the blues and rock and roll spirit are well and truly still alive. I mean…. the guy opened up for B.B King when he was just 12 years old. Thats all you need to know. 

Following on from that we have probably my favourite Rory Gallagher song, “Sinner Boy”. It starts in a low, mellow tone, until that “drop”. A real Wooooshhh moment. Just try and not nod your head to this, infact try and not move your entire body to this as he slides his way up and down the fret board, and that baseline…… what more do i need to say. 

After that assault from Gallagher i had to include some Joy division , i love Joy Divison and my love stems from what has gone before in this mixtape and plenty that i couldn’t include, Black Sabbath, AC/DC , Iron Maiden, all of which were on heavy rotation growing up. 

We then start to move away from the blues side of things and into the regions of psychedelic rock. My original love was and always has been Pink Floyd, but i think my current love of weird electronic music and sounds stems from Hawkwind, there is definitely a correlation between them and my obsession with Sci-Fi and gritty urban sounds. 

The next two tracks are what i can only describe as curve balls. I didnt have them included in the draft of my original tracklist and were only added at the last minute, however they are just as important as the rest of the selections. Taxi Driver is one of my favourite films, it had a profound effect on my adolescence, so much so that i did my entire GCSE art project around themes and ideas from the movie, as well as lifting a number of tracks from the score. When this was released on vinyl a few years ago i instantly dived on it. The dialogue track and the dialogue of the film in general is some of my favourite and in my opinion some of the most powerful in all of cinema. 

Moving on the final part of this mixtape contains tracks that are all taken from my collection and although none of them could particularly be classed as “Blues” i feel that they are all in someway connected to those sounds and feelings of the earlier tracks. 

I hope this overview of my mixtape has given people a bit of an insight into my musical upbringing. Its one of the arms of my musical self, there are many more. But thats a story for another day. 

For now, pour a whiskey, get comfortable and enjoy some of my favourite music.