DD0544 - Dave Faze Artwork with Black Bo

This week we invite back our good friend Dave Faze to create another amazing volume.

"The inspiration for this selection in part came from the guys at Dusk Dubs, through discussions we had a few years ago recounting our favourite club nights...


Stealth at The Blue Note in Hoxton Square was one of the ones I kept coming back to. I was buying a lot of tracks on Ninja Tune, Mo ‘Wax, Wall Of Sound & was also was heavily into my jungle & dnb too.


Ninja Tune began hosting their own night, Stealth, at the Blue Note in December of 1995, following a successful launch party for DJ Food’s Recipe For Disaster album at the venue. "It’s rare to find a club owner willing to let you experiment," remembers Coldcut’s Jonathan More, of Stealth. "Every great club night has been a combination of an open-minded club-owner, a wayward promoter, and a bunch of crazy people who want to do shit that nobody else is doing." - Taken from The Quietus - Ninja Tune Week: An Extract From Stevie Chick's 20 Years Of Beats & Pieces 


The Blue Note Club but especially Stealth, Ninja Tunes’ very own & revered club night (and Metalheadz, Anohka) were my regular haunts back in the day from 95-97 as well as other seminal clubs of the time (Turnmills, The End, Bagleys - all sadly retired to the annals of club land history - RIP). My selection on my 3rd outing for Dusk Dubs (big up Jon ‘The Oracle’ Gidman & all the DD crew!) encapsulates the sounds I experienced at that legendary night which still resonates with me over 20 years later....the 90s really were an special time for culture & music in general & feel privileged that I was part of it. 

Join the queue stretching round the corner of Hoxton Square in anticipation of a night of broken beats, jazz influenced, acid hazed & breakbeat fuelled vibes from the heart of east London! It’s funny but I never thought I’d be writing about this over 20 years on!!!".  


I hope you enjoy it & if you were there, I hope it conjours up some memories of those great parties.[[ DAVE ]]

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1) Dj Food - Cosmic Jam
2) London Funk Allstars - What’s In The Basket
3) The Herbaliser - The Blend
4) Fila Brazillia - Freedom (Fila Brazillia Mix)
5) Luke Vibert - Sharp A2
6) Up, Bustle & Out - Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill Part 1 (La Banolera Del Molino)
7) Up, Bustle & Out - Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill Parte Segunda
8) Attica Blues - Sketch
9) Up, Bustle & Out - 1 2 3 Alto Y Fuera
10) Dj Food - Consciousness
11) Ceasefire - She Don’t Lie
12) Luke Vibert - Get Your Head Down
13) Up, Bustle & Out - An Unmarked Grave (In Memory Of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid)
14) Dj Food - Sunvibes
15) 2 Player - Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ Mix)
16) Dj Food - Fungle Junk
17) Zoot Woman - Chasing Cities (Chasing Coconuts)
18) Dillinja - In The Mood

1) Cosmic Jam - DJ Food 


The first track of three from DJ Food (Strictly Kev aka Kevin Foakes) that I have selected. This tune originally appeared on Jazz Brakes Volume 2 in 1991 and then later appeared again on the seminal compilation ‘Flexistentialism’ in 1996. A perfect start to my mix; straight in with the funky breakbeats,  jazzy horns, flutes and trippy cosmic pads which were central to the vibes at Stealth. DJ Food along with Coldcut were the backbone to Ninja Tunes back in the early days so its fitting that we start our journey here.


2) What’s In The Basket – London Funk Allstars


Another big tune mixing the jazz vibes, classic hip hop beats & Ultra Magnetic MC ‘Easy Back’ sample – pure instrumental hip-hop that’s all about the music. Released in 1995 and taken from London Funk Volume 1 – a tune that was on heavy rotation for me as I loved the intro keys along with the moog! As well as my love for hip-hop it was also around this time that I got into Jazz in a big way and was listening to a lot of labels like Blue Note and Impulse! Records.


3) The Blend – The Herbaliser feat What What


This particular track takes me back to the top bar area at the Blue Note where they would regularly have freestyle sessions with local MC talent with DJ Food or Coldcut scratching up the beats – the place would go mad with the vibes and would go on for the duration of the night. Many a time I would stand transfixed, watching the DJ’s select funk, soul, brakes and hip-hop all night....absolutely amazing! Check the album ‘Blow Your Headphones’ by The Herbaliser...one of their best lp’s for sure.


4) Freedom (Fila Brazillia Mix) – Fila Brazillia


This track by Fila Brazillia is one of my favourites – came out on the DJ Food project of Refried Food Parts 1 & 2 in 1996...spacey, dreamlike production that transports you to that after party vibe (which for me always the best part of any night out haha!)...enjoy with whatever takes your fancy!


5) Sharp A2 – Luke Vibert


Was and is a massive fan of Luke Vibert – this track came out on James Lavelle’s Mo’Wax imprint on the Headz Part 2 compilation and for me was a stand out track at the time. The heavy and distorted beat with the melancholic keys and discordant strings sets the tone for this emotional piece. Also around the time of DJ Shadow’s ‘Entroducing’ – it almost feels that this should have been on the lp. The trip-hop sound really coming  to the fore with this one – a prominent theme throughout the Stealth nights.


6) Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill (Parts 1 and 2) – Up, Bustle and Out

1 2 3 Alto Y Fuero – Up, Bustle and Out

7) An Unmarked Grave (In Memory of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid) – Up, Bustle and Out


In 1995 - 1997 I was fortunate to catch Up, Bustle and Out live at both Stealth and at Glastonbury Festival on the Jazz Stage. A collective of musicians and DJ’s that took their inspiration from the sounds of South America and in particular that of Peru, Mexico and Brazil fusing the funk, hip hop as well as utilising traditional drums and flutes in their tracks. The tracks I have selected from Up,  Bustle and Out all have that experimental vibes that Stealth was all about and its why they feature heavily in this selection....funky, jazzy yet at times dark and brooding and a but trippy!


10) Consciousness – DJ Food


Back to DJ Food of course. Blissed out and laid back dreamy trip hop at its best – I think that best sums this one up...no words really necessary...just enjoy the vibes!!


11) She Don’t Lie – Ceasefire


Somewhat overshadowed by the monster that is Trickshot on the A side sampling Carlito’s Way I thought this track ‘She Don’t Lie’ to be more appropriate for this selection. Another slick, trip hop funky affair taking you back to the smokey environs of the Blue Note dance floor.....wicked track for the heads.


12) Get Your Head Down – Luke Vibert


One word for this track – HUGE!! This always got reaction at Stealth! In my opinion, a masterclass in fusion of jazz and hip hop with the sample of ‘Hip Hop will rock and shock the nation’ always had me buzzing along with the stunning double bass and rolling snare hit and ride cymbals....Mr Vibert on top form here sampling Isaac Hayes and The Wu Tang Clan to great effect.


14) Sunvibes – DJ Food


Taken from one of the first Ninja Tune lps that I bought ‘Scratchmological Waxploitation’, DJ Food again brings the niceness to the fore...another tune for the after party crew.


The last four tracks in my selection – 15) Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ Remix) by 2 Player, 16) Fungle Junk by DJ Food, 17) Chasing Cities (Chasing Coconuts) by Zoot Woman and 18) In The Mood by Dillinja all are important tracks for me as at the Stealth nights the selection would invariably break into the experimental sounds of the jungle and dnb. I’ve chosen these tracks as they sum the period well in terms of what I heard down at some of the parties I went to at Stealth but also at Headz and at Anokha which were also held at The Blue Note.....exciting times!


In the words of the mighty DJ Food signing out ‘All good things must come to an end, and when they do,  it’s time to get back to where you Really Come From. See you around suckas: End of transMission’