This week we invite producer and AKO Beatz record label owner Stretch, to celebrate Valentines and compile a personal and wonderful mixtape celebrating 'Love'....

"After being asked by the Dusk Dubs guys to choose some of my favourite music around the LOVE theme, it got me thinking, do I look for rare music or do I go with music I remember when I was growing up.

I went with the latter and decided to go through different genres. One thing I realised is that the 1980’s and early 1990’s was a big influence on me. I remember growing up and Ella Fitzgerald, Minnie Riperton & Marvin Gaye being played while my mum or dad cooked. My brother was an avid record collector and great DJ. I would often look through all his crates of records, and play them when he wasn’t home as I wasn’t allowed to touch them. I fell in love with this music, from artists like Loose Ends, Keni Burke, Rick Clarke, Maze etc and got lost in the music.

As this went on, I started collecting music and DJ'ing on a couple of sound systems as I decided music was my escape. Alexander O’Neil, Micheal Jackson, Janet Kay, Sade and Bobby Brown were always being played in my room. There was a lot of 90’s Soul/RnB I could have added but that was too easy.

In the early 90’s I met 'The Reinforced Crew' and my life changed, 4hero's music was on another level and I always got excited when Marc and Dego finished new projects. Nuyorican Soul - 'I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun' (4hero Remix) was simply a breathtaking remix, even the story behind it made it even more special. I also met King Britt via Reinforced, and we’ve become good friends/brothers, his album 'King Britt Presents Sylk 130 - When The Funk Hits The Fan' was like a soundtrack of my life, and the song "New Love" was me in the kitchen talking to my mum about the music before I was born.

I really hope you guys enjoy this playlist as it means so much to me."

[[ Stretch ]]

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1) Ella Fitzgerald – Funny Valentine (1970)
2) The Stylistics – Break Up To Make Up (1973)
3) Minnie Riperton – Loving You (1975) 
4) Minnie Riperton – Inside My Love (1975)
5) Marvin Gaye – I Want You (1976) 
6) Michael Jackson - Rock With You (1979)
7) Carroll Thompson - I'm So Sorry (1981)
8) Gene Dunlap featuring The Ridgeways - Before You Break My Heart (1981)
9) Patrice Rushen – Remind Me (1982) 
10) Keni Burke - Risin' To The Top (1982)
11) Midnight Star – Curious (1984)
12) Cherrelle featt. Alexander O'neal – Saturday Love (1985)
13) Maze – Twilight (1985)
14) Sade – Sweetest Taboo (1985)
15) Loose Ends - Slow Down (1986)
16) Rick Clarke & Emma - I Really Wanna Be WIth You (1987)
17) Regina Belle – Baby Come To Me (1989)
18) Janet Kay - Silly Games (1990)
19) Janet Jackson – Any Time. Any Place (1993)
20) Maxwell - Sumthin' Sumthin' (1996)
21) Nuyorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4hero Remix) (1997)
22) King Brittpresents Sylk 130 – New Love (1997)
23) Theo Parrish – Paradise Architects (1998)
24) Moodyman - Don't You Want My Love (1999)
25) I:CUBE - Adore (King Britt's Scuba Mix) (2000)
26) Musiq Soulchild – LOVE (2001) 
27) Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know (2001)
28) Kofi - I’m Just A Girl (2009)