This week  its Dusk Dubs very own Matthew Foord, with a superb mixtape taking in all things Jazz....

"It’s an honour and a distinct pleasure to be asked to compile another selection for Dusk Dubs (especially since now I’m part of the family)!

My love for Jazz Music goes back to my College days at the end of the 80’s. I was studying Philosophy and soon struck up a friendship with a bloke named Dan. This friendship was based upon our love of alcohol but was cemented when he introduced me to red wine and then jazz Music. Pretentious Moi?!

During these heady days I was also introduced to House music, by way of squat parties and open-air raves on Grantchester Meadows. However, I have always retained a great love and affection for Jazz Music. This love affair has only grown through the years.

I personally find it difficult writing about music as for me it’s always about the feeling. I always seem to stubble into almost ‘sonic cathedral of sound’ platitudes. So, bearing that in mind I’ll keep it short. All these records chosen are massive favourites of mine. I’ve hopefully struck a balance between long time favourites, or relatively new tunes that have blown my mind. Check The Comet is Coming, emanative and Sarathy Korwar (with an absolutely stunning rework of Don Henderson’s Earth) to see how vibrant the current scene is.

Anyway, here it is…experience it…it’s so much more then nice.

This is music to take you to the stars. This is music to mend your broken heart. This is music to dance to. This is music to feel. I love this music "


You can find Matthew HERE:






1) Abdullah Ibrahim - Mandela
2) Donald Bryd - Christo Redentor
3) Art Ensemble of Chicago - Theme de Yoyo
4) The Stan Tracey Quartet - Starless & Bible Black
5) Bill Evans - Peace Piece
6) John Coltrane - Out of This World
7) The Comet is Coming - Star Exploding in Slow Motion
8) Emanative - Spice Route Suite
9) Sarathy Korwar - Earth
10) Alice Coltrane & Pharaoh Sanders- Isis & Osiris
11) Black Flower - Bones
12) The Cinematic Orchestra - Durian
13) Donald Byrd - Kofi
14) Jessica Lauren Four - White Mountain
15) Miles Davis - Flamenco Sketches