This week we celebrate the  91st Academy Awards, and invite our good friend and Dusk Dubs regular Conrad Koziol, to compile a collection of his favourite movie moments…


"Having been approached by Dusk Dubs last year to see if I was interested in submitting a soundtrack / OST piece for 2019's edition, I went into earmarking possible tracks to include and put together a mental pile to start from and went from there; much the same as I did when putting together my other Dusk Dubs submissions. For various storage reasons I can't physically reach the bulk of my vinyl collection of soundtracks at the moment but was more than happy to work from CD's as I have a reasonable amount to dive into and coincidentally have been sorting.

No theme other than diversity here really; some of these films happen to be ones that my day job has brought me into contact with and are as such especially cherished, and others were ones my Dad introduced me such as 'In The Heat Of The Night' or another was from a particularly vivid trip to see 'Amadeus' in London (!) with my family on a rare trip down from Scotland back in the '80s and such strong memories helped me piece the whole thing together. I hope you enjoy and if there's something you may have missed check out the trailer and see if you fancy the whole picture from there.



Hope you enjoy" [[ CONRAD ]]


1) Sample from Dusk Til Dawn
2) Michael Andrews - 'Goldfish' (from "Me And You And Everyone We Know"
3  Antonio Pinto - 'Walk' (from "Amy")
4) Trio Matamoros - 'El Que Siembra Su Maiz' (from "Before Night Falls")
5) James Horner - 'An Apparition In The Fields' (from "The New World")
6) Craig Armstrong - 'In My Own Words' (from "Piano Works" album. )
7) Michael Giacchino - 'Resigned and Reminded' (from "UP")
8) 'Jesus, can't I count on you people' (sample from "O Brother, Where Art Thou ?"
9) Nicola Piovani - 'Il Gioco Di Giosue' (from "Life Is Beautiful")
10) Barbara Mason - 'Yes I'm Ready') (from "Auto Focus")
11) Amy Winehouse - 'Some Unholy War' (Downtempo version) (from "Amy")
12) Hoagy Carmichael - 'Stardust' (from "Casino")
13) Air - 'Playground Love' (from "The Virgin Suicides")
14) Air - 'Alone In Kyoto' (from "Lost In Translation')
15) Eric Serra - 'Deep Blue Dream' (from "The Big Blue")
16) Vangelis - 'The Tao Of Love' (from "China" album - another composer who snuck in here somehow...)
17) Zbygniew Preisner - 'Reprise - Julie with Olivier' (from Trois Couleurs Bleu')
18)  Academy of St. Martin-In-The-Fields with Sir Neville Marriner - W.A.Mozart's 'Concerto for Flute and Harp, 2nd movement' (from "Amadeus")
19) Mark Mothersbaugh - 'Margot Returns Home' (from "The Royal Tenenbaums") (not on soundtrack ??)
20) Barbara Lewis - 'Hello Stranger' (from "Moonlight")
21) Eddie Veder - 'Guaranteed' (from "Into The Wild')

22) Sample from "Rize") / - The Edwin Hawkins Singers - 'Oh Happy Day' (from "Rize")
23) 'Whistling' (from "Before Night Falls")
24) Paul Leonard-Morgan - 'Good Wizard'
25) 'Letters From Home' (from "Apocalypse Now')
26) Nino Rota - 'La Dolce Vita-Finale' (from "La Dolce Vita")
27) Roy Budd feat. The Three Degrees - 'Diamonds' (from "Diamonds")
28) Quincy Jones with Ray Charles - 'In The Heat Of The Night' (from "In The Heat Of The Night")
29) Hermanas Ayala - 'Que Chulos Ojos' (from "The Hi-Lo Country")
30) 'I Believe You Did Sell Your Soul To The Devil' (sample from "O Brother, Where Art Thou ?"
31) David Holmes - 'The Trunk Scene' (from "Out Of Sight")
32) Gustavo Santaolalla - 'The Catch' (from "Babel")