DD0549 - Earwig Shoescrew Artwork with B

This week we welcome back Earwig Shoescrew with a gorgeous volume for those sun-setting hours..... Earwig Shoescrew is an artist/remixer/re-edit creator in his own right as well as being a part of the Shoes edits label and Plimsoll Records.

"It's my pleasure to return to the Dusk Dubs stage for their Cancun Beach Chill Out Festival... It's really not much of a stage actually, just a bunch of rugs and pillows and a massive soundsystem out on a Caribbean beach, with the sun setting, the ocean breezes blowing, and Mars rising in the east...

Enjoy"  [[ Earwig Shoescrew ]]

You can find Earwig Shoescrew HERE:



1) Carl Craig - es.30 
This ambient opening track from the 1997 epic Detroit techno masterpiece "More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art". This song always brought an image of the night sky to my mind, so what better way to start a dusk dub mix?

2) See-I - Why Not Tonight? (Dub)
My friend and Shoes collaborator turned me on to this piece of modern dub reggae. In my mind a perfect example of how to balance the echoed out soundscapes of dub while keeping just enough of the melodic elements to connect with the heart.

3) Carol Cool - Upside Down
From the Soul Jazz "Hustle! Disco Reggae" compilation, just a stellar reggae version of the Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards penned disco tune. Such a great chilled party vibe with this one.

4) Selah Collins - Pick A Sound
From the "Watch How The People Dancing" comp... Brilliant digital dancehall sounds from 1980's London.

5) Nuffwish - Missy Elliot Vs Aquarius
This mash up is what the Shoes label is all about, crossing the old and new in a one funky package. Bringing together the dub sounds of Herman Chin Loy's "Heavy Duty" (from the Aquarius label) with Missy Elliot's "Supa Dupa Fly" including the sample from Ann Peebles.

6) Shoes - Pain Goes Deep
I know... I played one of my own tracks in my mix... Whatcha gonna do? It fit... From the Slow Soul Flow mixtape.

7) Joe Williams & the Jazz Orchestra - Get Out of my Life, Woman
Love this cover of the Lee Dorsey tune with a funky big band feel. Sampled many times the piano break in this is killer.

8) DL Jones - Whoa Bobby
Funky soul sampling instrumental hip hop beats from Detroit, and good life advice from Bobby Womack! "Do the things that keep a smile on her face, Say the words that make her feel better ev'ry day, You bet you better keep on you Ps and Qs, If you don't the woman you can easily lose."

9) Nina Simone - Feelin' (A.J.'s Re-edit)
This song has been done and redone many times, but I thought this version, which puts a nu-jazz spin on it, fit here in between the beat type tracks and the more jazzy and chilled out section of the mix.

10) 4Hero - Naima
From the 2000 Black Presents the Good Good compilation. I wore this record out when it came out in 2000. Of course a cover of the John Coltrane classic, but in a version that perfectly straddles funky, groovy yet laid back, breezy and spiritual.

11) Visioneers - Runnin'
From 4Hero to another Marc Mac project, Visioneers. Big infuence on how Shoes edits were conceptualized bringing together classic sample sources with modern production. Tying together the Stan Getz sample (as flipped by J Dilla) and the Pharcyde track. Again feeling funky and breezy.

12) Stereolab - Rainbo Conversation
Hopefully you are on your second or third drink by this point in the mix and your edibles are starting to kick in, cause it gets a little weirder on the back half... Love, love, love the electro brazillian experiments from the french indie band Stereolab on this album "Dots and Loops". This was on repeat back in 1997 when it came out, and it still holds up as experimental yet so pretty and emotionally resonant for me. It was hard to pick what track to play, but this one seemed to match the breezy vibe of the mix best.

13) Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - Naima
Another version of the Coltrane track that brings out the spiritual elements. Two guitar greats get together along with their guru. The album is deep and heavy fusion guitar work, but this song is just two acoustic guitars straining to communicate deep longing for some bigger meaning in the world.

14) Bill Evans - Peace Piece
Now we're just laying down on the beach looking at the stars...

15) World of Apples - The Cows at Jodrell Bank
Lovely piece of dusky trippiness from Ewan Pearson alias. So chill yet with a nice pulse to it...