DD0550 - Keno with Black Box and Type an

This week we invite Lübeck based producer, DJ and recording artist Keno aka Renegades Of Jazz, aka The Motion Orchestra aka... David Hanke.

"The tracks I have selected are mainly all from albums that shaped my taste of sound in electronic music at an early stage. These tracks are mostly from 1995-2005 when I was getting into this sound. Before I was into these sounds, I only listened to Rock music, in particular the Seattle Sound. But I was pretty unsatisfied with it, as I began to find this music very depressive and looking back it kinda made me sick in the long run.

One day a good friend gave me a tape for my car with Kruder & Dorfmeister on one side and Thievery Corporation on the other side and I was listening to this tape all day long and began to explore this music by myself. My friend showed me Kid Loco, Nightmares On Wax, Nobukazu Takemura, Thievery Corporation, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Up, Bustle & Out and the whole Ninja Tune thing.

So I began to dig on the World Wide Web which was kind a new thing around 2001, and the very first album I found myself was Quantic's “The 5th Exotic“, which I absolutely loved and from them on I was addicted to this type of music and never listened to rock music again.

There are many great memories connected to each song and the albums they come from." [[ KENO ]]

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1) Visit Venus - Harlem Overdrive

My oldest memory about listening to Downbeat music is connected with Visit Venus. First record I listened of Visit Venus was the 12“ Magic Fly Variations. This tune is taken from their first full album 'Music For Space Tourism Vol.1' which was released 1995 and  has become kind of underground cult classic in the scene.

2) Nobukazu Takemura - For Tomorrow (Original Single Mix)

Even something I listened from the very beginning of my explorations in electronic music, and still something that sounds better as a lot of stuff from today. Really special memories are connected to this song and even the whole EP. He later did more Ambient type of music, but the 'For Tomorrow EP' and the 'Child's View Remixed EP' are my favourites.

3) Nightmares On Wax - Nights Interlude

Well I guess that's what is called a classic. Not many artists from that time are still active. Have seen him lately with a full live band in Hamburg and had a great evening at this concert. Played a lot of new stuff as well some of the old classics like 'Nights Interlude'. Good to see he's still doing his thing.

4) The Wiseguys - Casino ''Sans Pareil''

What a revelation when I discovered the first album 'Executive Suite' in a shop in my hometown. Regal and Touché delivered a wonderful first album which I think can be also called as a classic nowadays. I was absolutely addicted by this sound when I found the album.

5) Bathyspehere - Augusta


Released on one of my absolute favourite Downbeat labels ever.... Deep-Water Recordings. They didn't had many releases, but Hint had his first release there and there are a couple of great EPs available. Later it turned into Bathysphere Recordings and all the people involved disappeared. If anyone knows Chris Cousin aka SofaLofa from Bathysphere (Deep-Water) holla at me please,  I'd like to get in touch with him.

6) Blockhead - Insomniac Olympics


What a first single, what an album, what a year. Released 2004 on Ninja Tune (for me it's my favourite Ninja Tune year). I remember the video and the picture disc single. The mood in this song is so great, flawless. But even the whole album 'Music By Cavelight' is still a masterpiece. 

7) Bonobo - Noctuary


Well this guy needs no introduction. What started as 'beautiful Hip-Hop' is today's biggest act in electronic music... well deserved. Still loving the 'Dial 'M' For Monkey' album, Bonobo already proved on an early stage that his music is more than beat making with a hook sample.


8) Kruder & Dorfmeister - Black Baby


Like many people, the first thing I heard of K&D was the 'K&D Sessions'. They really set standards at their time. Their song 'Black Baby' which was produced exclusively for their DJ-Kicks volume, absolute defines their sound for me, still into this and nice to see they started DJ'ing as a duo again.

9) Kid Loco - Relaxin' With Cherry


Also an album I knew at a very early stage of my discoveries. 'A Grand Love Story' is still the best album from him for me. This guitar lick is still absolutely beautiful. The whole album is a great story especially when it comes to the second half where the deeper tracks are.

10) DJ Food - Consciousness (Ashley Beedle Remix) [DRUM FIX]


One of my favourite Ninja Tune and DJ Food songs. Not sure where I heard it first, probably on one of the early compilations. The remix really got me, really one of those songs you connect with the Ninja Label and their sound.

11) Boozoo Bajou - Under My Sensi 

First heard on a compilation and never checked from what album it is. Oh what a mistake. Later I've checked the whole 'Satta' album, their first album and was frustrated because the vinyl version is only sold for mad prices, however... great album, great track.


12) Tommy Guerrero - Abiento

The first thing I've heard of Tommy Guerrero, and I was instantly in love with his sound. His sound was definitely different from other former Skater or Surfer dudes. Raw,undiluted and very lo-fi on this first album. The artwork is (still) a real eye-catcher. Was really happy to get the LP at that time, but recently they re-released the album on vinyl again, yay!


13) Thunderball - Solar


Discovered while diggin' some Thievery Corporation stuff and having a real "wow“ moment when seeing the artwork for the first time and listening to the 'Scorpio Rising' album for the first time. For me still their best album with a very special mood and very different styles and approaches to music.

14) Quantic - The 5th Exotic


Well this song and album was really special to me because it was the first album I was digging myself. After getting introduced by a friend to NOW, Kid Loco, Up, Bustle & Out and Thievery Corporation, I found this album in 2001. We listened to it at his parents house on the big Hi-Fi and both didn't say a word while the whole album played, we were just sitting there and listening to it. Still a great album/song to me.

15) Up, Bustle & Out - Y Ahora Tu


I was introduced to them by the same friend and became a big fan. My friend and I have been room-mates later in Hamburg, and I think I played at least two of his Up, Bustle & Out albums each day. Their style and concept of making music is still unique and their 'One Colour Just Reflects Another' and 'Light 'em Up, Blow 'em Out' albums are still my favourite ones, great group! 

16) Radio Citizen - The Hop feat. Bajka


What a song and even the first time I heard Bajka's voice. Loved the raw and undiluted sound on the first album 'Berlin Serengeti'. Still a big fan of Radio Citizen and saw them live in Hamburg years ago.


17) Hint - Count Your Blessings

Hint's 'Portakabin Fever' album really blew my mind at the time it was released. This was a perfect Downbeat album to me and still is, real sample magic. The mood he creates on the album is unique. First appearance of Hint was on the Deep-Water record label (mentioned earlier) with his 'The Beau Selectah EP'.

18) Backini - Dreamer


The Discovery of Backini was a lucky moment. Lumenessence Records from UK released a couple of 12“s and the first album on CD. Greatly sampled Downbeat music with swing elements, was instantly hooked to this. I remember I was doing my radio-show that time and received a big vinyl and CD promo package from them. 

19) Thievery Corporation - Tomorrow


Well, some of the very first pioneers. First album I listened too was the 'Mirror Conspiracy' which is still one of my favourite albums from them. I was introduced to their music by the same friend I mentioned earlier. Great to see they are still doing their thing.

20) Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin


What a great song by a great producer with his unique style. Unfortunately this one has been removed from all digital platforms due copyright reasons. One of the early Ninja Tune artists, even still active these days, there's a new album coming soon.

21) Loka - Beginningless


Their first 12“ on Ninja Tune was really great, loved the artwork too. Unfortunately it took many years until they released their first album and somehow they didn't get much attention, a pity. But the first three tracks of them really did something with me, I loved their style and sound a lot.


22) Boards Of Canada - Sixtyniner


I think there's no other album from them I love more than Twoism. The mood on this album was flawless and remarkable. I never was really getting into their other works, Twosim was a standout album for me.

23) TM Juke - Just For A Day (Sunday)


Maybe the most influential album to me in the early days of electronic music. I used to listen to it at the weekends breakfast with my girlfriend at that time. So many good memories and the first time I heard Alice Russell on the album. Even the artwork was great.


24) The Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give feat. Fontella Bass (Edit)


First song I've heard of The Cinematic Orchestra was 'Channel 1 Suite' on a Ninja Tune compilation, but when I heard Every Day I was in love with them. I knew Roots Manuva from his solo works and loved the track with him on the album, but „All That You Give“ was really mesmerising with the vocals of Fontella Bass.


25) Skalpel - Sculpture


The first time I heard this was on the ZEN compilation and I remember that a friend and I had a discussion where he said he could not imagine that this was sampled based, it must be a live band...well it was sampled, out of polish Jazz records. The mood on the first album is something I can't describe with words, fantastic debut album and great to see they formed a Skalpel Big Band and are on tour in 2019.

26) Funki Porcini - Long Road

Well I think this is one of the most wonderful songs of Funki Porcini, a good closing song.