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This week we invite Murf to the Dusk Dubs family.... a selector who has been involved in pretty much every aspect of music you can think of.... DJ, producer, promoter, record shop owner, A&R, lecturer, author and of course vinyl junkie.

When I was first asked to compile my selection for Dusk Dubs, I thought ‘Cool!’ that shouldn’t take me too long! Then I checked out the website, and was blown away by the musical content... I was especially drawn to a few of my peers within the DJ community... for me it was like looking into a mirror, and seeing a shared love for many great tracks, several I had short-listed for my initial 12!

Unfortunately life has a way of chewing into one’s time, and Dusk Dubs has been patiently waiting, and waiting, and waiting, but finally I have found some time to present a few nuggets that I hope please music fans, no matter your preferred tastes...

As a vinyl junkie, I've been an ambassador for electronic music during a hedonistic 30 year career as a DJ at seminal clubs and events worldwide...

I've promoted, sold, recorded, lectured, played, collected, reviewed and breathed music since the age of 13, recorded numerous mix CD's both here in Europe and Asia including the first CD for Eukahouse's "Tech House Phenomena" series, and worked pushing huge amounts of Vinyl at numerous record stores over the years -Groove, Zoom, Koobla, Silverfish (pre-Eukatech Records), Instant Quality aka I.Q. Records and Covert Records (Brighton)...

After taking a long needed sabbatical (2001-2009) from the DJ circuit, where I ended my long standing resident slots at Edinburgh's Subtle Logic, and The End's flagship party Subterrain -where myself and Mr.C's now infamous 4hr sessions were witnessed every month until late 1999 -I've been busy twiddling knobs, trying to write a book, studying, got married, bought & sold a few houses, had two beautiful lil’ boys and made myself a family man!

For the last few years, I've been laying low working on various projects -building a new studio, writing some very deeeep shit, flying around the globe doing my thing, and now I'm in the process of setting up a very exciting new label...

I've been letting my record box get the better of me of late and started playing out with Vinyl again (there's soooo much good music out there!)... I have come to regard myself as a serious music collector, who has acquired an immense record collection through the years, both as a club and radio DJ, and I've been lucky enough to travel all over the globe meeting some amazing friends and like-minded people who share my knowledge, passion, respect and love for good music!

Some highlights: Berlin's Love Parade, Tribal Gathering, Club F.B. (Toyko), Final Frontier @ Club UK, Club Rockets (Osaka), tons of BEDLAM - yes I'm that Murf - Spiral Tribe parties, Subterrain, Wiggle, Key-Energy, Castlemorten (Where's Reggie gone?), Eurobeat 2000 @ Turnmills, Yeeak! Mayday Party, Notting Hill Carnival, JuJu, Yellow, Queen's, Circle, Re:Verb, Animated, Bunker, Kitchen, Technology, Children Of Chaos, Desire, Sativae, Black Sheep, Twisted, TRIP, Heart & Soul, TEXAS, Knowledge, Subtle Logic, Tresor, etc..."  [[ Murf ]]

Murf has played alongside shed loads of people - here's a few he's had the pleasure to party with:

Mr C., Sven Vath, Darren Emerson, Layo & Bushwacka!, Terry Francis, Dave Clarke, Dave Angel, Richie Hawtin, Joey Beltram, Roland Casper, Roy Davis Jr., Damon Wild, HELL, The Advent, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Rolando, Styro 2000, Jungle Brothers, Marco Lenzi, Space DJ'z, D'julz, Get Fucked, Peach Boys, Asad Rizvi, Colin Dale, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Thomas Heckmann, Carl Cox, F.S.O.L., Stacey Pullen, Hardfloor, Laurent Garnier, Eddie Richards, Tyree Cooper, Swayzak, K.U.D.O., KCC, Tony Humphries, Harvey, DJ Miku, Suburban Knight, you get the picture...

You can find Murf HERE:

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1) Rufus Ft Chaka Khan - Better Days

I bought this as an 8 year old kid, waaaay back in 1978, from a stall in Uxbridge Road Market, West London. One of my first purchases, little did I know that I was going to be buying many more records over the years!


2) Raw Silk - Just In Time (Dub)

I first went to NYC in 1985, more a B-Boy than a clubber!

I managed to blag myself into a club called The Circle, had no clue who was playing, but it was my first full blown experience of New York/Philadelphia/New Jersey Garage and proto-House, on a dance floor with proper House heads!

Clubs back in London were a very different vibe, and tended to be more mixed musically, everything from Electro, Funk, Disco, and even Hip Hop was played, all within the same hour...

3) Leo’s Sunshipp - Give Me The Sunshine (Vocal)

A gloriously feel-good track taken from the ‘We Need Each Other’ LP from ‘78. I first used to hear this as a young teenager, as I was going to house/squat parties in the early ‘80’s, mainly in Belsize Park, and Hampstead in North London!

These parties were my entry point into the Groove, where I would spend the night listening to the likes of Norman J, Jah Shaka, Ron Tom, Soul II Soul, among others... I finally picked this up in ‘84, and it’s been a go-to Record ever since, especially when the Sun is out, or I’m feeling down...

4) Move D - Tribute To Mr Fingers

From my all-time favourite solo artist LP, ‘Kunststoff’.

Released 1995 on David Moufang’s amazing Source Records imprint! This was one of my best selling records at a shop I opened in ‘95, based in central London called I.Q. Records aka Instant Quality... This was also the year that my good friend Mr.C and Layo Paskin opened their club in December of ‘95, The now Legendary venue The End... ‘95-‘96 was an amazing time to be in London, and this record brings back some of those memories for me...

5) Glenn Underground - Mental Black Resurrection (Mental Piano Dub)

When I was first thinking of what to choose, I immediately started digging into my Detroit collection, then into the many bits from Chicago, but as I started refining my selection, I kept thinking about choosing something that meant something more personal to me... Glenn Underground, for me, is one of those artists who has pushed his own sound into ever deeper territories! I picked this up whilst on one of my many trips to Japan, played it the same evening, and the Japanese audience reacted to this track like only they can! It’s why Japan is a favourite location for many DJ’s, they appreciate proper music!

6) Chateau Flight - Cosmic Race

I’m not really a follower of genres, or where a track comes from! Music is music, it’s bad or good, and in this case very, very good indeed! I had a few records short-listed by French artists, but this grabbed my mood at the last moment... Personally I like to play this pitched down to -8, as it’s a tad too fast for my tastes... This track ticks my boxes when looking for music to include in my DJ sets, a form of Techno that is melodic, intricate, and deep... LOVE!

7) Mono Junk - Channel B

Produced by Kimmo Rapatti, an artist who hails from Finland, and in my books is one of the pioneers of (proper) Minimal Techno... This particular track laid the blueprint to what I was trying to create and play during the mid ‘90’s... it quickly became one of the early anthems at Subterrain @ The End, Stark, raw, and relentless, a perfect exercise in Less is More, the essence of what real Techno is about! Oh, and it was released as a White coloured vinyl 12, what’s not to love!

8) The Night Writers – Let The Music (Use You)

Frankie Knuckles was responsible for some of House music’s finest moments! This track encapsulates the Love and Vibe of clubs during ‘87-‘89, a time when there were no divisions within the music scene, a time when House was House! Sadly a good mate of mine, Liz Edwards passed away during the summer of last year! She had this as her ‘Goodbye’ song at her funeral, and the whole congregation was on their feet, smiling and crying in total joy... Only music can take you there...

9) Fingers Inc. - Music Take Me Up

Track for track the LP ‘Another Side’ is easily my favourite album, and this track I chose because the lyrics say it all for me!

The vocal talents of Ron Wilson and Robert Owens, defined Deep House, and the music by Larry Heard is next level, blurring the lines between House and Techno, and still sounding soulful throughout... Since my first listen back in 1988, a complete LP as good as this has rarely been equalled, I still play tracks from this in my sets...

10) ESG - Moody (Spaced Out Dub)

This takes me musically full circle, as I was a B-Boy in my early teens, and the original 12” ‘ESG’ by ESG from 1981 was a sought after, and often cut-up record by DJ’s of the era... I first got my hands on a bootlegged copy in mid ‘92, as I was wanting this particular mix on a 12”, as the original ‘83 cut from the LP lacked enough punch to play out with... fast forward to present day, and I find myself slipping this into sets where my musical boundaries are allowed to explore more than just the realms of Techno and House...

11) Stasis – Artifax

Throughout the early to mid ‘90’s the UK spawned its own take on the Techno Sound, fusing the genres into new territories, but some were more concerned with a refined, dare I say a pure sound!

A generation fuelled with music from the US, ‘80’s Electro-Funk, Techno, Acid, House, and of course the melting-pot that was the UK Underground scene, and thrown in were the myriad of record labels coming out of Germany, Belgium, and Holland amongst their influences. UK based artists like Kirk Degiorgio, B12, and Black Dog to name a few, were creating a sound that was uniquely British!

A movement more focused on the musical integrity than the fame.... Stasis aka Steve Pickton produced a number of records that have matured with age, and are regarded as key pieces in many collections the world over! I love a number of his records, but this track from 1993 is definitely a personal favourite of mine... THAT Acid line! *)

12) Vernon Felicity - Breaking Silence

You often hear people say ‘They don’t make ‘em like they used too!’. Codswallop! Every once in awhile an artist emerges who seems to produce an endless stream of quality material. For me Boris Bunnik is one of those artists... Better known for work under the name of Conforce, and Versalife, releasing tracks of various styles on a ton of labels. But his alter-ego Vernon Felicity is where his most potent music can be found... I currently own 9 of his VF EP’s, ALL are killer machine driven, late- night basement jams, my kinda sound when I play out... Modern Techno doesn’t come a specific place, as it is now a truly Global movement, and this is futuristic music from the past and present...

I hope my selection has been an enjoyable experience, for you the listener !