For this week’s mixtape, we have invited back singer, songwriter, producer, DJ and all round musical talent, Mr. Joseph Mailk, and as with all his volumes for Dusk Dubs, Mr Malik has come with something very special….


We’ll let Joseph explain.....


After the success of Diverse 2, my foot was in the door with Ramrock Records, I brought everyone in for this new album to make not just a record but a message of unity with 3 generations of musicians and bringing in Irvine Welsh, film director John Paul McGroarty and his team of Glena Rome, Alexandra Lort, plus Event Managers, Brendan Denahy, Kyles Dignall. The reason for this was to save and reboot the city's music scene, as our Corrupt Councillor's, joining forces with Property Developers to close down music venues across the city, this is our battle cry, as I could not do this alone.

Many thanks to Danny Walls for helping me record this mix and Irish Adam for helping me write the musical note's for the tracks as he, like the rest of the team shared this journey with me.  Last but not least, Jon Brent from Dusk Dubs my music pen pal who over the years making these mixes. He has now  become family to me.

Ladies and Gentlemen,  Lads and Lassies welcome to Stranger Things Have Happened gwan yer self's... “ [[ Joseph ]]


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Out of The Ordinary’s - 'Stranger Things Have Happened' LP is available HERE



1) The Steven Christie Experience - Revolution

This is the First track on the East Coast Project from 1994. Stevie Keys is one of my best friends and the main reason why I'm a singer. He has stood by me through the good times and the bad. When I had nowhere to stay he was there for me at the drop of a hat. The iconic hook in this track has become the stuff of legend and stands as a representation of the soul of this beloved city.


2) Callum Easter - Tell E’m Boy

One of the many to be watched young turks of Edinburgh’s music family.  Callum captures the sound of Leith perfectly, much like we do on the latest album. That Auld Neu Reekie noir feel of Edinburgh’s alleyways and cobblestones stirs and conjures up the ghosts. He reminds me of Brian Wilson, along with his friends the celebrated “Young Fathers” . More about them later.


3) Jefferson Airplane - Today Grace (Slick Edit)

We used the Tom Scott Version on our Meadows release. The sheer joy of getting the go ahead from these 60's legends to use their inspired hook is an honour. I’ll never forget the genesis of this song. My eyelids creaked open to the simple beauty and sounds of Edinburgh’s Meadows where I had spent another night without a roof over my head. The melody came to me from a lucid dream. I’m thrilled that I got Rosanne Erskine to be a part of this.


4) Van Morrison - TB sheets

I became aware of this song through my mentor, Professor Plastic. I then gave the record to the biggest Van the man fan, best pal and my son's godfather, Irish Adam. This track is the main influence on Adams track, “Bowling up the Walk”. I’ll let Adam explain… “Van the man, the number one East Belfast Troubadour, provided the sound track to, and an explanation for, my ‘colourful’ life of late nights on the brandy and weekend benders in the marksman. Many thanks to the Prof, thanks for all the soul and wisdom brother’


5)  Dorothy Ashby - The Moving Finger

So we’re getting on to the Irish man's tracks, this one being the backing track for “The Ballad of Kenny Buchanan”. Adam and myself were on a jaunt in old Leith to see a show and decided to nip into the Central Bar (at the foot of the walk), where we bumped into Kenny Buchanan himself. me and Adam bought him a pint and before we could utter a word, he said “come on lads, don’t ask me about boxing”. Taking the hint, Adam asked, “Did you ever met George Best?” He put his hands on our shoulders and whispered “Aye lads, it came to him too soon”. We sat down with him for an hour and we were blown away with his stories. I felt like a kid, absolutely humbled and in awe of this gracious man, five times World Champion. We finished our drinks, hugged and said goodbye before jumping in a taxi back home. For hours we talked about the tale of two former champs meeting for a pint in the Artisan Bar and Lounge in Abbey Hill, hence naming the track “The Ballad of Kenny Buchanan”. We sat up all night with a bottle of brandy and by morning, we had our track. We called in Steven Christie on Hammond and Wurlitzer, piano and accordion, plus Chris Greive on Trombone and David ‘Chimp’ Robertson on percussion. Both of Adam's tracks, “Bowling up the Walk” and “The Ballad of Kenny Buchanan”, were recorded on the same day, at Sliver Back Lodge Studio. Our Adam was pretty taken aback that these world class musicians came in to play. This is the standard of the music expected…. Silver Back motto#

 ‘Bleatus Non Pal’

The Balland of Kenny Buchanan.jpg

6) LKJ - Dread Beat an’ Blood

The master, the provider, the unifier, the divider, the seer, the poet. Sharp in every sense. First heard this as a 16 year scallywag escapee from Belfast in a squat in Cold Harbour Lane in 1986 and I heard a voice speaking to me, LKJ, a distant music familiar, a scared kid found a friend. The Jamacian cadences of this Reggae Poet are as well cut as his clobber. Without this originator no way I’d  be doing this bolloxs. Me and Joe had the honour of hearing the top man in person at this year’s Edinburgh book festival. Thanks LKJ. Come on in….

john cooper clarke and lkj for dred beat

7) The Nairboi Sisters - Promised Land 

Damn that bassline. I first became aware of the sample from a Q-Tip tune “Whatever will be”. I wanted to go deep with this one, even going to the extent of recreating the whole track at Rusty’s Yard Studio along with Stevie Keys, Paulo Riddle on percussion, Chris Greive on ‘Bone and Kris Howden on Fender Bass. It felt like Lee Perry himself was with us in the studio. We did two versions. One being Strictly Dub wise and the other turned into “Kind of Strange” by bringing in Rosanne Erskine again on vocals plus Philly, more about him later. Saleem took care of the production and last but not least, Vic Galloway on electric guitar. What had started life as a dub track had now morphed into an entirely different animal... 

The Nairboi Sisters  Promised Land.jpg

8) Seun Kuti with Tidiane Seck, Newen Afro Beat Group - Opposite People 

I have to give thanks to our main percussion player,  Paulo, for this track. this band are from Chile as is Paulo. My father is from Nigeria so it’s a great link with 2 nations making music. As soon as I heard this I wanted that energy in the track we were recording Uptown Bridges. We had about 14 players on the track and Paulo got me into to see Femi Kuti and I got to speak to him. I didn’t have the chance to see his Father Fela Kuti when he was alive, but his offspring are following the righteous path he laid down. This changed my life, not just musically. Brother Paulo took me in when I was sleeping ruff. His mom would cook for me and feed me. Paulo became family to me and he let me know I wasn’t alone. This song is a bridge with both cultures. Nigeria meets Chile uptown.

9) The Chimes - Underestimate 

A true land-mark  soul record from Edinburgh! This was out at the same time as Soul 2 Soul’s “Back to Life” (produced by Edinburgh’s  own James Locke; aka the Cod Man, With Pauline Henry’s amazing vocal’s this track gave me the inspiration that soul music could be made here in Scotland. A benchmark. Respected around the world .It made a 20  year old Joseph think, “yeah, soul music can come out of Scotland”.  I had the honour of meeting Mr. Locke in person when I moved east from Glasgow to Edinburgh as I was friends with his wife. We recorded Crack Pipe at his Easter Road studio and  Philly and Aqua Bassino.also recorded there and Sadly the studio is no more there but fortunately, my Uncle Rusty Burn and my Auntie Fiona now my have  studio just next door which is where we recorded “Take a Left”, and “Lost Not Found” for Diverse 2 plus the “Stranger Things” LP.

The Chimes  Underestimate.jpg
easter Road.jpg

10) Joe Smooth - Promised Land

This track will always be in my heart and soul as a 14 year old kid dancing in the Sub club where I worked as flyer boy for Slam, I was there in the late 80s and the Hacienda as well. with Club king Colin Barr, I seen first hand the transformation of football thugs taking Ecstasy and dancing to black dance music. It was fucking tuff, as guys who called me nigger one day, then the next hugging me saying sorry wee man, then even days later, making a point to cross the street to shake my hand and again say to me I really mean it... Joseph I'm done with race hate shite, as this new music Revolution and getting high was better, than fighting and in Glasgow I saw both Rangers and Celtic casual's hug on the dance floor. 


When you have the likes of Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Darrel Pandy, Ten City etc in the club, then fighting takes a back seat as music overcomes hate, I grew up in Clubland and learned a lot about how the dancer feels when making music, which I still use to this day. ,this song is for Melanie Huges my 1st true love back in the 80’s as we danced and kissed black and white on the dance floor of the Sub Club.


11) Movers International - Critical Point (Dusk Dubs VIP Mix)

I find it better to smile and not get upset, when I get dissed by younger DJs who say I cant do house or techno, I was part of that movement back in the 1980’s  before they were born and I have the records to prove it, and it was great to meet DJ Lee Marvin who got me back into djing again as I had not played in years due to being a chef, Lee introduced me to Jimmy Jammin and Gavin Fort, Movers International or as I call them the young team. We bonded in the studio and by me bringing in musician's to make the balance of electronic more organic we recorded a few tracks, there's so many Version's of this track and I got signed to Ramrock and promised I would get there 1st 12 inch record out and that is now going to happen along with an Ashley Beedle remix due out later this year, these young men worked really hard to raise them self's to the level I require as a writer and producer, and it’s now time to play these tracks we recorded almost 3 years ago now, live with there electronic side meeting my live band sounds, and this track folks is an exclusive for my music brother Jon Brent you will only find this here on Dusk Dubs.


12) Ege  Bam Yasi - Acid Boy Intro

The Godfather of Acid music lives in Edinburgh and an even bigger Recluse than me, he was a former punk who switched guitar for keyboards it’s strange because I've never met him.

13) The Complainers - Bacon Rolls 

The Firecracker Records team, aka house of traps Label Boss Lindsay Todd and Nick Moore also known as Linkwood taking the piss out them selves you can hear the bacon in the frying pan ,and them trying to hold in their laughter ,I love this so much ,with the line “That’s going out # perfect #” and the clever play on The  Proclaimers... the city's foremost band, I should send Graig and Charlie a copy of this one day ..

14) Out of the Ordinary – Ain't No Fool For Love (Trendy Wendy Revenge Dub)

Well I've told this story so many times but here we go again (yawn Irish Adam).... I had just finished DJing in The Basement and we headed across Broughton Street to our longtime friend's club in The Street for a wee night cap drink before home. Trendy Wendy has been running gay / mixed nights for decades, so I stash my record bag behind the decks and she says “do you want to jump on the decks to give me a break”, I said “aye no worries”. I play some house and funk....it bombs, the floor clears - I had to use some of her disco to get folks dancing again. It was true lesson that night,And Wendy told me Joe  you are super cool but go and just go and make something for a Saturday night eh”, so I went away and wrote, planned, and recorded this track and went back and smashed it in her club, the crowd were trying to shazam the track on their mobiles and I got my revenge saying it ain’t out yet. I'd never made disco, but with my own take on it. This 50 year old music snob learned a lot from her advice and the amazing crowd who dance with joy and I still pop in from time to time to try out new tracks, Wendy my sister I love you and this track is for you.

15) Johnny Hammond - Los Conquistadores Chocolates 

I’ve sampled the intro from this for years, but never the main break. It’s like house music from 1975 and a killer break. I would play this out a lot back in the 90's at club Lizzard Lounge which was started by me and Toby Shippey.  I would use 2 copies to extend the hype sections, 2 years ago I heard Black Madonna sample that section I was like damn I'm going to write a song over that.

16) Steven Jesse Bernstein - No No Man

The man who hitchhiked from the scene of his own death. I clocked him on the District Line a few years ago. Either he is still alive or the tube has stopped.  Makes Burroughs look like a lightweight. Sub Pop rock.



 17) Public Enemy - Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos

I’ll let Irish Adam explain; The hard rhymer cuts through the bollox with razor sharp precision. Every word hits home. They played the Liquid rooms in Edinburgh a few years ago, Mr Flav was strolling up to his tour bus (driven by top lad Manc Bob), and this is how it went down……


Me: "He’s the flavour, the life saviour, coming at you with the funky fresh rhymes’ (I know…)"

Me: “Where are you playing next mate?”

FF “Belfast”

Me: "Alright you are staying at my Ma’s house. Shoes off and behave yourselves alright?  You’ll be alright if you can play the piano …...thank fuck they didn’t rock up to Sandy Row".


18) Fini Tribe - The Theme 1998 Peel Session

Davie Miller is a true legend and Pioneer of Electronic music going way back to the early 80's. I searched for a long time through their back catalogue to find the right track for the mix and I'm glad I picked the Peel session track. That's now 2nd on this mix, much like Ege Bam Yasi, punks turning to electronic music. As Edinburgh has a long history of these musical mutations i.e. The Fire Engines, Josef K and Boots for Dancing, inspired LCD Sound system and Franz Ferdinand. I did some hardcore research for this mixtape as I wanted to celebrate the full spectrum of Scottish based music.

joe and davie miller.jpg

19) The Alex Harvey Band - Faith Healer 

Growing up in Glasgow in the 1970's, this track was played a lot in my uncle's bedroom, he was a huge fan. I hated it, as i was a ska and soul boy, but in my 30's I heard this again and fell in love with it as I went through my rock phase. A legend and sadly missed who made his mark on the pavements of Sauchiehull St.


20) Iggy Pop - I’m So Alone 

I’ve added this track for my friend Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting. As we all know he is a huge fan of Iggy. So much so, he made sure that his music was in the soundtrack to the film. This brought Mr Pop to a whole new generation of music lovers. You have no idea what it was like to get Irvine's written forward for the Inner sleeve of my new album and he is a major backer of the new cultural movement we are all part of.. “Out Of the Ordinary”.

Irvine Welsh.jpg

Joseph Malik is one of the most versatile and talented musicians in Scotland, he has always aimed big and I believe that he has produced something special to call it an aural expose of Edinburgh is selling it short” [[ Irvine Welsh ]]

21) Linkwood - Hear the sun 

So many folks will now know Linkwood's track, “Miles Away” (firecracker records). With myself on vocals and Colin Steele on Trumpet. this went on to become one of Moodyman’s favorite all-time tracks. This also became one of mine. I simply adore this and am extremely proud to add this to the Scottish based Mixtape you are listening to. The production and the Firecracker record label family really took what we began and raised the level tenfold.  As the senior producer looking on, I’m deeply proud of the next generation.


22) The Blue Nile - Tinseltown in the Rain

One of the most iconic tracks on this mix is a song about Glasgow, yet recorded in Edinburgh. much like me, a child and Man of both cities. If I had to choose, I’d pick Edinburgh but enough about me. Paul Buchanan and Robert Bell created a classic record in the 1980's that still holds up today. I still play this out with deep pride of our nation’s legacy of good music.


23) Edwyn Collins - You Never Know

I’m such a huge fan of Edwyn. I met him once and, like a total fan-boy I didn’t know what to say.  I have been lucky enough to meet and work in the studio with Malcolm Ross, Scotland's best guitar player and former member of Orange Juice, who played the iconic guitar riff on the classic, “Rip it up and start again”which we all love. Malcolm worked on the new album with me and we’re doing some gigs this year with his new band, The “Bum Clocks”.

joe and malcolm ross.jpg

24) Philly - Dig a Hole

I’ve known Philly for years and he has one of the best voices in the city. This record was produced by James Locke from the Chimes and I love how rustic it feels. It reminds me of Beck, who we are both big fans of. Just wait till you hear the new Leith group,” Checkmasses”, featuring Philly, Saleem aka Sound Signals and BBC Scotland's champion of music, Vic Galloway. Coming out 2020!

joe and philly pic.jpg

25) Jock Scott - A Certain Beauty 

Another legend sadly lost. I’ve added this track for the Leith All stars - post punks, Tam Dean Burn, Steven Christie, Rusty Burn and Malcolm Ross. Spoken word is pretty big in Edinburgh, I think due to just how many Books have come out of the city. We here tend to take the piss out of ourselves a lot, so we never become big headed. Our  feet are always on the ground, that is a very Leith Way of life and became the foundations for “Stranger Things Have Happened” I used the blueprint, passed to me by my music elders whom I respect deeply.

save leith walk and the shaver weekly pi

26) Young Fathers  - I Heard 

Even with all their success, “Young Fathers” came to the aid of the “Save Leith Walk” campaign, where the group still have their studio and share with my Arranger, Chris Greive and his wife Becc Sanderson in Leith. With their high profile, It got national attention, and myself and Irvine Welsh came up with the idea with the foreword to attack the forces that are killing our community. I’m just so damn proud of Young Fathers and I’m not just saying that because Kayus Bankole is my cousin, but because they have built their own sound and that's so hard to do in music these days

27) Traffic - 4000 Thousand Headmen 

This was in my head a lot during the making of this album. Mainly because it captures nature within sound. I love the dark hippy feel to this song and myself and Irish Adam are huge Traffic fans, for me mainly due to Stevie Winwood's voice. It’s just unreal the way he sings. Which leads us perfectly into my next selection. 

28) Davey Henderson and Nectarine N0 9 # - These Days (1994 Peel Session)

I still have a good cry to this record from time to time. Again I’m so lucky that I got to meet and work with this true legend and one of the finest songwriters to come out of Scotland. I knew his voice would be perfect for Meadows and I was like a wee kid, totally star struck in Rusty's studio. Much like meeting Edywn Collins, I wanted to ask him so many questions, but my mind was blank for once. Not many folk know this, but Nico from the Velvet Underground lived in Edinburgh for a while, and this cover is one of my all time favorites.

davey henderson.png

29) Aqua Bassino and Steven Christie - Moon light 

There was only one way to end this mixtape and it was always going to be this. Stevie keys and Jay Roberstson aka Bassino, boyhood pals from Leith who grew up together in music and who also became very close to me. I look over the city at night and this tune always starts to resonate in my head. Even walking the streets when I was sleeping rough, I heard this and cried my eyes out. The haunting piano riff and Bassino's voice are truly inspired. My brothers, I love you both, with all my heart and soul… This ones for you!

saleem bassino joe for.jpg