This week we welcome Big Mat to the Dusk Dubs family.

Dusk Dubs first encountered Mat whilst at The Worldwide Festival in Sete back in 2018, where we connected through our joint love of music & mixtapes...

Passionate about music since he was a child, he began his early musical journey by participating with the smooth running of a jazz festival as a volunteer. On many occasions he experienced the sounds of Nina Simone, Claude Nougaro, Bobby McFerrin, MC Solaar, and many many others.

His skill as a player was limited and at 16 years old he decides to buy his first set of turntables.

To begin with, he learns to mix with a bunch of Trance records, ideal due to their tempo, but quickly learns scratching and mixing Hip Hop.

He gives huge thanks to M. Sydney and his show H.I.P.H.O.P, and another cult show in France called RAPLINE hosted by the journalist Olivier Cachin, as they were both a massive influence on Mat.

Co-founder of the www.Lesmixtapesdelapero.com, Big Mat represents the southern branch of the DJ collective. He host’s a Radio show of the same name on Clapas in Montpellier, in which he likes to combine urban sounds, Hip Hop of course but also Funk, Soul and Electro, anything that works on the dancefloor…

His influences are many… from the Old School -Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang Clan, The Roots, DJ Shadow, Beastie Boys, and also current acts such as Kendrick Lamar, Sampa the Great, Ocean Winsdom, Lady Leshurr, Little Simz and many more.


You can find Mat HERE:







1) Bobby McFerrin - Cara Mia

This sound reminds me of summer, and the fact that making music can be as simple as a voice, body percussion and lots of sharing.

2) Amerigo Gazaway - To Zion feat. Carlos Santana

This song allows me to present three artists in one: First, Nina Simone, who was not marked by his voice print, his groove and his flow? Me anyway I was touched by his soul jazz soul., Lauryn Hill, his spiritual descent could say ... The Fugees and even his solo album have turned in a loop on my turntables. Finally Amerigo Gazaway, a genius producer, who comes to assemble artists in a subtle way. For me the best bootleg man on the planet, so much so that the artists themselves recognise it. I recommend the Fela Soul album, mixing Fela Kuti and De La Soul.

3) Chill Bump - Eight

This duo formed by MC Miscellaneous and DJ Bankal is a staple of the contemporary French scene. They present a universe of their own, which I loved during our family trips in our van. Always present in my Hip-Hop sets.

4) Diamond And The Psychotic Neurotics - Check One, Two

Diamond did not have the success he deserves. For me, he is one of the best, like Q-Tip or Method Man. More Old School, instrumental licks, with crazy bass lines ... I love it.

5) The Mouse Outfit - 007 feat. Fox, Sparkz, Jman & Tman


I like this group ! The instrumental part is breath-taking. I discovered them during a concert in Montpellier, and this training made me take off from the ground. Brass, rhythm, piano, a see even two DJs, and the icing on the cake, a myriad of rapper all more talented than each other, and this English touch, its the accent that I love!

6) Beastie Boys - Root Down

When Punk meets Hip-Hop, I give you the Beastie Boys! A trio of genius, along with Mix Master Mike and his turntables ... All is said ! Happy listening !

7) MC Solaar - Qui Sème Le Vent Récolte Le Tempo

For me the best lyricist of the French Hip-Hop scene. He knew how to make this musical genre accessible to the general public. He brought Rap to all houses, and suddenly opened the voice to others like Oxmo Puccino, who also has a delicate pen, or Kerry James who uses the platform of Hip-Hop to denounce the inequalities of the disintegrating Europe.

8) Urban Species - The Experience

What a sick album !! Another amazing English band, but without originally knowing it ... There organic touch and the way they combine the sample and the live music is what I love. A positive touch, a unique groove, I start all my Hip Hop sets with this piece...

9) Buckshot LeFonque - Shoot The Piano Player

Acid Jazz, 90's, old school, a musicality, and an amazing groove again. What I like in all music is when it makes you move your body and nod your head and this is the case with Buckshot. In addition, the scratching and bass riff and sax are mesmerising.

10) Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - The Creator

This duo of madness !! Whoever says Hip-Hop isn’t dance music need to check this, their rap with a sustained tempo is one of the keys to Break Dance. I love to play this to dance floors, there’s nothing better than playing a few songs at 115 BPM, and among my favourites is the Creator, again with that groovy bass line, I love it!

11) Us3 - Cantaloop

Another title very Acid Jazz, which rocked my adolescence, and with its radio success we had the opportunity to listen to it, record it on audio tapes and loop it over. Still English, who sign on one of my favourite labels "Ninja Tune" for their first album and then on the jazz reference "BLUE NOTE" for the rest of their career.

12) De La Soul - Buddy (feat. Jungle Brothers, Q-Tip)

For me, the group that made me love Hip Hop, which made me fall in love this culture, and made me follow other bands on this album like the Jungle Brother or the Tribe Called Quest. I love their care-free flow and happy vibe (even if the subjects are not) and they always seem to be enjoying the moment and loving the groove. At that time I was fifteen years old, I had a mini ghettoblaster, my first Nikes, no laces like Run DMC, tabs outside etc ... I loved that stylee ...

13) The Roots - You Got Me ft. Erykah Badu


Still such an amazing live band. The presence of real musicians in a Hip-Hop group is often a guarantee of quality and when Erykah Badu is added to the mix.. chills all over my body ... I swear .. my favourite love song.

14) Supreme NTM - What is Expected

Finally ending up on the French number 1 protest group, more hardcore, more violent in its texts and its attitudes towards the media, this title is a message, even today for all those who feel that the world is not working, and that the revolution is inevitable ...

"Thank you again for the invitation and happy listening!"