This week we welcome the Sheffield duo Animat, aka Mark Daly and Michael Harding to the Dusk Dubs family.

"We complied this list separately so didn’t really know which tunes the other was going to choose. Unsurprisingly, as we have been working together for nearly 20 years, we found that some of our choices matched – maybe not the exact tunes but certainly the artists. 

We tried to choose music and artists that made an impact on us, mostly from our formative years but including some newer stuff. If we were to do another list next week we agreed it would probably be completely different depending on our mood, what we have been working on/listening to, our surroundings and our memory triggers! 


Some of the tunes hold special memories for us, and we hope that you enjoy our slightly self-indulgent journey." [[ Mark and Michael ]]

You can find Animat HERE:







You can purchase Animat’s latest album “All Is Lost” HERE: 



1. Art of Noise - Robinson Crusoe. Chosen by Mark:

“One of my earliest memories was watching the black and white German TV version of this classic tale of the castaway. Art of Noise remixed the original haunting and beautiful theme.


2. Ryuichi Sakamoto - World Citizen (Taylor Deupree remix). Chosen by Michael:

“Could have chosen any of the mixes of this superb collaboration between Ryuchi Sakamoto and David Sylvian: this version lets the song breathe while glitching up the tension and 16 years on it seems more painfully relevant than ever.”


3. Digitonal - 93 Years on. Chosen by Mark:

“Michael and I used to do a regular chilled music radio show in the early 2000s in Sheffield and discovered Digitonal when the man behind it, Andrew Dobson, was living in the city. This is one of our absolute favourites, and if you like beautiful electronica tinged with a hint of classical we urge to check their back catalogue.”


4. John Martyn - Small Hours – Chosen by Mark:

“I only became aware of John Martyn in the last decade. Amazingly this super downtempo song appeared in the middle of the punk explosion in 1977. Despite being over 40 years old, it sounds incredibly modern and ahead of its time. It was recorded outdoors, listen out for the sound of passing geese, making it a truly ambient piece.”


5. Spearhead - Hole in the Bucket. Chosen by Mark:

“I love the deep tones of Michael Franti’s voice and the conscious rap lyrics that he delivers. His mix of politics and damn good hip hop is always spot on.”


6. Pitch Black - Empty Spaces Missing Units. Chosen by Mark:

“Pioneers of the New Zealand digital dub scene, Pitch Black are here in a less frenetic mood. We were given the opportunity to remix this tune over a decade ago and have both been firm PB fans ever since. We are happy to say that we know Mike from the band and, of course he ( and is family) are Choice! Kia Ora.


7. Boards of Canada – ROYGBIV. Chose by Michael:

“That rare beast, an ambient electronic epic that clocks in at under 3 minutes - what were they thinking? Makt said : “I still love every track on the BoC debut album MHTRTC and this track is probably the best known from it”


8. Blondie - Fade Away And Radiate. Chosen by Mark:

“I vividly remember buying the Parallel Lines album from Bradley’s Records in Sheffield, and saving up to buy all of Blondie’s back catalogue. This track from it was always my favourite, standing out as being less poppy than the rest. I love the way Robert Fripp’s soaring guitar twists and turns the song, and the ending being a surprising reggae refrain”


9. Talking Heads - Memories Can't Wait. Chosen by Michael:

“David Byrne is a genius. No arguments. 'Fear of Music' is the best Talking Heads album. Discuss (calmly).Mark: “We both chose a Talking Heads track, Michael beat me to it. My choice would have been ‘Drugs’ from Fear of Music, but anything by them is great by me.”


10. Dead Can Dance - Anywhere Out Of The World. Chosen by Michael

“A band that I once supported in the dim and distant indie-alternative past, and although I remember nothing about the gig it must have left me with a feeling of wanting to explore their albums. And, when I did I found this piece of gothic melodrama that sounds like a futuristic template for Efterklang or Bohren & Der Club of Gore with the love child of Greg Lake and Scott Walker on vocals.


11. Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology). Chosen by Michael:

“In the ongoing top of the table battle for best ever pop/rock album, the iconic 'What's Going On' constantly swops places with the Beach Boys' 'Pet Sounds', but this, the title track and the closing 'Inner City Blues' currently give Marvin the edge on 'best single track difference'. Animat fell further in love with this tune when we selected it to back the great 'Alvins' visit to the doctor' scene in our re-soundtracking of 'The Straight Story'.


12. Charles Webster - Ready (Herbert's Steady Dub). Chosen by Mark:

"This is one of the many tunes in my collection and consciousness that came out of the taste changing experience that was the Big Chill festival. We released our debut album on the festival’s own label. I speak for both of us, and many others, when I say that the festival and its forum sparked so many brilliant friendships and creative collaborations - not least our own, that are still going today. This version of Charles Webster’s tune is remixed by another Big Chill favourite Matthew Herbert.”


13. Neneh Cherry - Fallen Leaves Chosen by Michael:

“Just to show I didn't stop buying records in the late 1990s... I first saw and heard Neneh Cherry in the early 80s when she was singing with Rip, Rig & Panic and have kept a keen ear on her all-to-rare but always special recorded output ever since. The opening track of this year's 'Broken Politics' album is an object lesson in wringing the maximum emotion out of the simplest and most minimal elements you could wish for.”


14. Joni Mitchell - A strange boy Chosen by Michael:

“Another tough call; picking just one track to illustrate the brilliance of the sequence of albums that Joni Mitchell released between 1971's 'Blue' and an unspecified/arguable point in the mid-80s (I go as far as 'Dog Eat Dog' but know that's a controversial position..) This understated killer from 'Hejira' will just have to do.”


15. Jeff Beck - Cause We've Ended As Lovers Chosen by Michael:

“Guitar hero-rock god tackles soul superstar's song and comes out on top: the Stevei Wonder-ful original featuring Syreeta is well worth a listen too.”


16. Cocteau Twins - Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops Chosen by Michael but fully endorsed by Mark:

“It was this or 'Heaven or Las Vegas' to represent the essential Cocteaus, but the magical guitar rise at 2'25" is the last ball runout that clinches the super over for 'Pearly Dewdrops'.”


17. Alucidnation - Honey Czars (lucid remix) Chosen by Michael but again endorsed by Mark:

“Alucidnation aka Bruce Bickerton at the absolute peak of his remix skills with emotive piano and synth textures and bass so warm you could toast your autumn crumpets on it, the addition of some heartstretching spoken word samples and the inspired ticking-clock snare.”


18. Rhythm & Sound w/ Cornel Campbell - King In My Empire Chosen by Mark:

“A beautiful, deep dub techno tune from the German masters, originally out in 2001, I’ve played this out many times to get feet tapping and heads nodding at the start of the night”


19. The Who - I Can See For Miles Chosen by Michael:

“Now there's a surprise: I first came across this on a joint The Who & Jimi Hendrix bargain compilation (Backtrack 4) in the early seventies - it blew me away then and it still does. Everything that defines classic Who but with a richness and sonic imagination that Brian Wilson might have been proud of.”


20. Ulrich Schnauss - Here Today Gone Tomorrow Chosen by Michael:

“The epic sound of the mighty Herr Schnauss, who I once met briefly at a Helios gig in Manchester and was getting on very well until the unnecessary extra beer prompted a reference to the U2-influenced basslines on the 'Far Away Trains Passing By' album. Whoops...'Here Today Gone Tomorrow' is a massive slice of musical life, deceptively muscular while touching on disorientatingly insane.”


21. Omni Trio - Higher Ground Chosen by Mark:

“Heartbreakingly beautiful drum n bass? Yes indeed. One that was always in the box for our Sundaze DJ collective chilled sets. Joyous and melancholic in equal measure..