This week we welcome Neil Bopperson to the Dusk Dubs family.

DJ, broadcaster, radio plugger, playlist designer, remixer and music producer, Neil Bopperson has a varied skill set. A sharer and carer of music in every aspect, Neil has, and continues to explore the world searching for old and new musical gems.

A resident radio host on Le Mellotron in Paris, he can often be heard carving out a conversation with other musical artists as they pass though the city.

His DJ sets are sewn from a soulful and organic thread, avoiding sticking to just one genre. Variety is an essential part of his musical DNA, choosing not to follow trends and knowing what's needed to keep the party popping.

​DJing has seen him share stages with artists as varied as: Theo Parrish, Bad Bad Not Good and Mr. Scruff, plus also playing bespoke events with The Mighty Boosh and the Blues Brother himself, Mr. Dan Akroyd.

Supporting independent music and artists on both sides of the channel, he runs his own radio plugging agency based between Paris and London.

It’s a lucky blessing to put a more retrospective hat on when making a mix, especially one that is free and track focused like Dusk Dubs.

So with that I mind I chose straight from the heart. Music that’s made me over the years and records that I’ve that I’ve always reached for and will continue to for years to come.” [[ Neil ]]


You can find Neil HERE:







1) The Greg Foat Group - For A Breath I Tarry


I remember hearing this track years ago and thinking it would makes a great intro to a mix. Matthew Halsall’s trumpet almost sounds like a call to come listen. Greg Foat has a pretty extensive catalogue to explore if you’re not familiar with him.


2) Andrew Bird - MasterFade

His lyrics, his sense of melody and his un paralleled ability to whistle means he must be included. Andrew Bird has maybe stirred slightly more into slightly more pop areas of late, but his early work will always hold a place in my heart.

His long time collaborator and drummer, Dosh, is well worth looking into on the more experimental side of folk music too.


3) Francesco Cigana Trio - Turya and Ramakrishna

I wanted to include the original Alice Coltrane recording of this but couldn’t find my record at my storage spot. So in turn, it made me discover this really well recorded, great version out of Italy.


4) Fink - Sort Of Revolution

I’ll often reach for this album on a Sunday. Such great recordings and the drumming on this has echoes of Stuart Copeland, which can never be a bad thing.


5) Eddie Kendricks - My People Hold On

I have my amazing girlfriend to thank for this one. On a summer road trip around Cornwall she put this on at some point. As we winded down the single track roads it was my first time hearing it we stopped the car to take it all in.



6) Darkhouse Family - All The Way (Flutestrumental)

As this has echoes of those early Bristol Tricky or Massive Attack productions, I had to include it.

Check the vocal version too as Tyler Daley from Children Of Zeus adds another legendary vocal performance to his many others. I chose the instrumental though as we’ll hear from Tyler later on in the mix.


7) Saul Williams - Twice The First Time

Such a poignant voice, this man has been speaking truths since day dot. Never has a Black American’s voice been so poignant than right now.

I’ll always remember hammering this album at college.


8) Frank Walton - Safari

A relatively recent discovery for me, courtesy of Kev Beadle. A man along with the likes of: Patrick Forge, Mr Scruff and Dom Servini are constant sources of jazz flavoured fusion grooves for me.


9) GODTET - Oubladi (ft. Mariam Sawires)

Taken from an album released this year but one I know I will be reaching for many years to come. An outstanding talent from the very fruitful South East corner of Australia. GODTET is just one star in a very clustered constellation over there.


10) Cesaria Evora - Angola (Pépe Bradock Get Down Dub)


I had to put something to remind me of my years living in Portugal. It was a toss up between a Pedro Abrunhosa track or anything from Cesaria Evora. The Cape Verdean Barefoot Diva came in first place. This Pepe Bradock dub if played it at the right time of the night, it can turn the dance floor into an almost meditative state.



11) Be - When You Left

I tried to licence this track for a compilation called ‘Allo Love’ on Wah Wah 45s many years ago, but as my request was declined I saw it fitting to include here. It’s still a late night record that’s close to my heart from Manchester’s illusive, Garth Be.


12) Dego - My Standards Are (Not) Too High

Recent music from a man who needs little intro. Probably my favourite cut from his recent LP. Great playing, production and over 8 minutes to marvel at the beauty.


13) Hanna - Wayfarring Man

The term ‘future soul classic’ gets thrown around quite a bit, but here it I first heard this in Belgrade in 2017 and it stopped me in my tracks. I thought it was Thundercat but no, a deeper more soulful cut from Hanna, AKA Warren Harris.


14) The Bees - Winter Rose (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

A massively overlooked UK band who are sadly no more, Paul Butler continues to put his magic production touch various projects; Michael Kiwanuka

/ The Milk and also with Andrew Bird who we heard from earlier.

This Nicolas Jaar remix is gold, an artist that I always get excited for new material from him.


15) Children Of Zeus – Vibrations

Another First Word choice, the first track they wrote for their ‘Travel Light’ LP. This cut a collaboration with London based K15 and will forever give me goosebumps.


16) Maya - Lait Du Coco


On first listen to Vibrations by Children Of Zeus, I thought they’d sampled the keys from the intro to this, they hadn’t, it was of course K15 blessing the Rhodes. Still a perfect for late night on the dancefloor track, I’ll often reach for it when I know the vibe in the room is right.



17) Pan Solo - Jungle Falls


Not a track I can always get away with playing in my sets, but when I do I can always guarantee someone will come and ask me for the ID. Simply put; a wonderfully unique piece of music.


18) Lazslo - Mr Sunshine

Another unique piece that follows on well from ‘Pan Solo’. Also worth checking is the LP ‘Adventures’ by The Lydian Collective. A great live recoding of this track. Lydian Collective are a four piece band fronted by the musical brain of Lazslo, AKA Aaron Wheeler.

19) Da Lata - Asking Eyes

The most uplifting of tracks, ultimate feel good fodder that neeeeeeeds to be pressed onto vinyl.

20) Maribou State – Midas

A lot of Maribou State’s productions have a heavy nod to the past with echoes of the rave era. The chords here I can almost hear blaring from my older brother’s bedroom after he’d come back from a night out raving in the 90s.

21) Milosh - You Fill Me

Perhaps known more for his work as Rhye and guesting on Bonobo’s last LP, but Mike Milosh’s early work is so overlooked. Four albums that resonate with me on a songwriter and also a production level. Production skills right up there with Four Tet yet Millosh seems to get little praise.

This song contains a lyric which is pretty much my life mantra, something any Vipasana meditator can connect with; ‘Be Happy’

22) Andy Compton & Shamrock – Nifanyeje

An example of simplicity been executed so well. By taking the basics and do them right. Drums, bass, keys and voice. I often play another track from this EP, but here I instead choose ‘Nifanyeje’ as I thought it fits nicer with the feel of the Dusk Dubs brief.

23) Brian Eno & John Cale - Spinning Away

I had to close the session with this, quite simply my hand on heart favourite ever song. Choppy drums, a great melody, some dreamy strings and a bass performance to die for. Lower me into the ground with this playing and I’ll rest well.