This week we invite Jon More to the Dusk Dubs family.

Jon More - one half of Coldcut and co-founder of record label Ninja Tune. A veteran of 80s Soul Weekenders and warehouse parties like Flim Flam & The Meltdown - Jon's The Meltdown Party was on then pirate radio station KISS FM After teaming up with Matt Black to form Coldcut for their long-running mix show, Solid Steel. Jon now broadcasts once a month on London's Soho Radio.


Coldcut brought break beats and Acid House to the charts with their own creations with Yazz & Lisa Stansfield whilst remixing Eric B & Rakim into Seven game-changing Minutes of Madness plus giving the Godfather of Soul James Brown some payback. Coldcut's success meant international travel and a chance to plunder all manner of rare records. It was here, with an eye for the obscure and an ear for the left foot selection that Jon honed a collection that stretches from early Musique Concrete, through Punk Rock, African to Zither via Soul, Funk, Reggae, Rap, Salsa, Latin and all points in between.


Whilst the Ninja Tune label played the slow and steady wins the race angle through the last two and a half decades, Coldcut released several albums, Music Software Ninjajamm, countless remixes & their critically acclaimed Journey's By DJ mix.


Still a regular digger both at home and abroad, Jon has a sixth sense for sniffing out vinyl in any given town and has been known to arrive at car boot sales before dawn armed with a torch!


“When Dusk Dubs asked for a mixtape that wasn’t mixed - I did not realise how difficult it would be…. Deleting the template in my mind that’s locked into “Dj mix mode” was an interesting experience… After about 20 playlists & many refinements, mind changes & doubt…… I remembered…. Many Many Moons ago the cassette mixtape ruled, the excitement of finding a tune - dubbing it for your mates… Blasting it out….


Well I hope this one feels that way…. These are all tunes that are a constant in my life - Ones I go to for love, for a re fix, to buck up, to singalong, to jump up, a memory, shed a tear…. There are so many more I could have listed but today it’s this - Tomorrow who knows….. I wanted to put Double D & Steinski Lessons 1 to 3 in here…. These three records shaped Matt & I in more ways than we can say… They are not in the list because if you know you know - so if ya don’t know it - The internet might be your friend. SEARCH” [[ Jon ]]

You can find Jon HERE:

Coldcut Spotify


1) Irma Thomas - Ruler Of My Heart

My all time female Soul voice & tune…. That's it…. Bath in the majesty of this 7”


2) Robert Wyett - Shipbuilding

It’s 1982 the smell of war is in the air…. Strong women set up camp at Greenham Common – a real challenge for the Nuclear Weapons ready to fly……. I went on my first CND march… Thatcher is polishing her swords & planning on sinking ships - This song written by Elvis Costello bottles that visceral feeling + Robert Wyett’s sad yet beautiful performance amplifies it >>>

This protest song everyone should own…


3) Family - My Friend The Sun

Its 1972 - I lived in a small town near Aylesbury - Started going to Friars Music Club - I discovered so many bands here….- 15 years old, I blagged a membership - hitched a lift & caught the band………. The next day I ordered a 7 inch from our local shop…. A Coal Merchants that sold a limited range of vinyl ( yes it was the 70’s)… Still have the record - apologies for the crackle - shows how much i’ve played it over the years….

4) Donovan - The Divine Daze Of Deathless Delight

it’s the 1960’s….. Donavan was a major presence throughout my childhood… From Top Of The Pops in flickering black & white, on a rented telly from Redifusion - through to the blistering acid colour on some mid 70’s Saturday night light entertainment shows…. This is my partners favourite

& she reminded me how important Donovan is…..….

5) Genesis - For Absent Friends

Ok you always have to slip in a guilty pleasure…. Genesis with Peter Gabriel were an amazing live act…. Made three crazy prog albums: Foxtrot, Nursery Cryme & Selling England By The Pound…. When Peter Gabriel left, when the pomp excess came on strong, when the 80’s got them - I checked out….


6) David Bowie - Subterraneans

First saw David Bowie in 1972 about three weeks after the release of The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars album… A friend for life…. This is from Low - My album of choice for a brain disinfectant…..Two dons for the price of one. Could not exclude Brian Eno from this mixtape.


7) Nicolette - I Woke Up

From the album Now Is Early - I love Shut Up & Dance…. Wanted to feature one of their records - Love Nicolette - This seemed right….


8) Arthur Russell - Another Thought

I am more than made up that Arthur Russell is getting recognition now… I have cleared many dance floors with his records over the years! Once played “Clean On Your Bean” at a Film Flam Club, in New Cross. London in 1982 & had a glass ashtray thrown at me… Oh happy daze…. Knew that one day this mans music would be understood….


9) Tim Hardin - How Can We Hang On To A Dream

I was introduced to this incredible tune by my partners Dad……. It’s pure emotion…. Should come with a warning… Unexpected tears in the area… Shout out to Richard & Fron.


10) Stanley Clarke - Justice's Groove

One from the 90’s Fellow ravers come down down down…. Looking at the sunrise through bleary eyes…


11) Eddie Gale - African Sunshine

Jazz level TEN…. This is ancient & modern music…

A jazz party ain’t a party without The Sun Ra Arkestra in effect - Arkestra trumpet player Eddie Gale takes us deeper than deepness with this spiritual outing on a rare 7 inch….


12) Culture - Two Sevens Clash

13) Fabian - Prophecy

14) Burning Spear - Man In The Hills

15) Joe Gibbs - African Dub Chapter Three

A quadrilateral of reggae tunes - Four stunners - Bought mainly from Rough Trade Ladbroke Grove on trips up to London to buy a stash of the latest Punk 7” 45’s….


16) Gang of Four - Anthrax

This being one of those Punk 45’s.. Essential in your box…. On your stream & on this mixtape….


17) The Fall - Rebellious Jukebox

Mark E Smith RIP…. John Peel RIP. Thank you both for this…. A Dj & an MC changed my life


18) Pete Brandt's Method - Positive Thinking

Improvisational Bristolian Bassist makes one 7 inch 45 that is perfect…..


19) David Sylvian - Preparations For A Journey

Love Japan Love this… An ambient classic in my book… from a perfect album….


20) Steve Reich - Electric Counterpoint - 3. Fast

I would have liked to include Music For Eighteen Musicians, such a human mechanical record….but not enough time. So, as sampled by the Orb for Little Fluffy Clouds, my penultimate Steve Reich track… Master of minimalism..Techno influencer….


21) Suicide Rocket USA

All time fave electro rockabilly tune… Was that a thing? Another heavy influence….


22) Tonto's Expanding Headband - Ferryboat

We were touring Canada in the early nineties - Every chance I could get I was out sniffing for records… Met a record dealer that understood introduced me to Tonto's Expanding Headband - Sold… I began the hunt to find other Malcolm Cecil records - Try it you will not be disappointed…

23) James Brown - Hot Pants Road

We stole a bit of this for Eric B & Rakim’s Paid In Full…. Thanks Mr Brown - Warehouse party devastator….


24) King Sunny Ade - Synchro System

After Fela Kuti King Sunny Ade is my go to for some proper African systems music… Saw the band live in the 1980’s - Afro Dub at its finest…..


25) Sekouba Bambino - It's A Man's Man's Man's World

Kora music meets cover version meets sublime African voice whats’ not to like….


26) Roy Ayers - Black Family

Another case of two for the price of one. Roy Ayers & Fell Kuti join forces for this.. Such a funky chugging groove…. Not usually a fan of lengthy guitar solos but this one! Roy Ayers has made so many classic rare groove tunes… Celebrate him…. Celebrate them.


27) Julien Babinga - Mbongui Percussion

A record that had all the vinyl junkies coming up to the Dj booth…Classic dubbed out hypnotic African music with an almost house music groove



28) DJ Rashad - Drums Please

One of those moments - Detroit Techno & Chicago House music had so many what the f*un/ck moments……I wanted to include something…. My go to of Derick May, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson all originators - But I wanted Dj Rashad - A raw talent, a new generation who captured the original spirit on record… Then took it off somewhere else. RIP Rashad.


29) The Monks - Monk Time

I found out about this 1960’s Garage Band from Mark E Smith when we produced a few tracks for The Fall… You can hear why he was a fan…


30) Eric B & Rakim - The Knowledge

Well with out these guys I would not be making this mixtape… The originals lick it.