This week we invite Phat Phil Cooper to the Dusk Dubs family.


Maintaining a career for over 25 years is no mean feat in any profession and, when it comes to the world of music it’s even more of an achievement. For Phil, it was the only option; as if his life was predetermined by some universal design.


A music collector from day one, the world of DJing was a natural progression for Phil giving him the perfect platform to share his love of music. Rising up during the super-club era, he was a mainstay at Cream in Liverpool and Amnesia in Ibiza, where he would weave a menagerie of genres into his sets, which often went from the early evenings long into the late afternoons the next day. The depth of knowledge acquired through his voracious appetite for digging providing the foundation for a DJ career that saw him booked to play all over the globe, clocking up a mind-boggling checklist of cities and clubs in the process. Of course, this also means that, over the course of 25+ years behind the decks, he has acquired an unrivalled understanding of his music loving audience. From soundtracking a blissful sunset on a beach or in a lounge bar with general eclectic vibes including Soul, Jazz, World music, Hip Hop, Disco, Punk and Funk and general Balearic oddities, to deeper House and Techno infused sets during the twilight hours at club and warehouse parties.Phil is an authority on DJing.


"This selection has been structured to represent a full day from waking to the end of the night and how the tempos and mood might change… These are all tracks that I love." [[Phil]]



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1) Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - ‘Mezame’ [WAKING]

Serene and full of wonderful strings, for me its very much a piece of music that signifies the start of another positive day. Little or no percussion throughout and full of space to allow the strings to breath, this really is a magnificent outing from LA based multi-instrumentalist, session musician, arranger, producer, DJ and all round top music man, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and the perfect start to this session of music.


2) Leo Lowman - ‘Morning Song’ [WAKING]

Notching the tempo up ever so slightly and retaining the very organic feel is this cut from Leo Lowman, taken from the re-issue album LIQUID DIAMONDS on Dutch label, Music From Memory this really is a beautiful.

"I look out on the ocean, as far as I can see, then you are here with me”

3) 4Hero - ‘Morning Child’ [WAKING]

So uplifting, like a hit of strong black coffee, this really is a track for sunny mornings, opening the curtains and looking out over the clear blue waters of the Adriatic. Positivity level 10 all round on this.

4) Bill Withers - ‘Lovely Day’ [WAKING]

This track will always put a HUGE smile on my face and really sets me up for a day of sunshine even if its a horrible winters morning. This track paints a joyous picture every time I hear it...

5) The Smiths - ‘This Charming Man [New York Vocal Mix]’ [AM]

Stepping up the tempo as the day picks up speed and putting a spring in my step, this Francois K mix of The Smiths, rejected by Morrisey as he hated the idea of it being played in a New York Disco is simply brilliant… I was a huge fan of The Smiths and inevitably stumbled into House music via them and a trip to the now defunct Manchester club, The Hacienda in ’88 or ‘89… I always thought this was a fun and humorous track, not drab and grey as many would believe.

6) The The - ‘Giant’ [AM]

I remember hearing The The for the first time, they blew my head off, I was living a very monochrome life in drab, dreary North Wales, well that’s how it appeared as an angst ridden teen who just wanted to escape and find multicoloured under lit dance floors al al New York circa late 70’s early 80’s. Its odd as now I long for my return trips the the green, green grass of home. Anyway The The where super edgy, almost angry in delivery but conjured up and 1000 and 1 images of alternative living. I just love how this track warps into something much more than I could have ever expected… The percussion section is outrageous. “How can anyone know me, when I don’t even now myself” this is EXACTLY how I felt back then!!!

7) Terry Callier - ‘What Color Is Love’ [LUNCH]

Dropping things back down to what I consider the most beautiful track ever written! The lead track from the album of the same name, this first came on my radar when Terry played in Telfords Warehouse in Chester back in the late 90s. I was in attendance and it was a spiritual moment.

8) John Martyn - ‘Solid Air’ [LUNCH]

I was late to the John Martin party, a good friend of mine commented ‘if you like Terry Callier, you will love John’ he was right, both master singer songwriters, their voice and guitar is all they really needed.

9) Miriam Makeba - ‘I’mm You’mm We’mm’ [EARLY PM]

From the opening harp sounds to her impeccable vocal this is timeless music. African songstress commands full attention when she powerfully overlays the rhythmic percussion with her vocal.

10) Fela Kuti - 'Gbagada Gbagada Gbogodo Gbogodo’ [EARLY PM]

Infectious percussion and rhythmic grooves from Fela. This signifies the build up to sunset, a joyous celebration of the day before the sunsets and nightfalls.

11) The Alps - ‘Le Voyage’ [EVENING / SUNSET]

Psych melodic vibes that build and build into the most wonderful crescendo of electric guitar heaven before fading back down to the wonderful atmospheric into vibes… Always best enjoyed as the sun sinks on another day.

12) The Cure - ‘Trust’ [EVENING / SUNSET]

Its all about those opening piano chords, then the strings come in (wow), this track when played has moved men and women to tears, it is beautiful… The intro alone is wonderful but then Robert Smith brings in his vocal… SO POWERFUL!

13) Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - ‘Relevee [Carl Craig Remix] [EVENING / SUNSET]

Music is about journeys and this piece is certainly about that. 11 minutes of organic synthetic musical mayhem under control by Detroit Techno master, Carl Craig. This is an after dark track, its setting the scene for the rest of the night, the energy and sounds swirling around my head...

14) Gloria Ann Taylor - ‘Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing’ [LATE PM]

Soul with so much passion and dare I say, pain. Pure heartfelt, emotive singing and driven by the electric guitar, percussion and strings, raw & unadulterated music. Sounds like she sung this with every ounce of her being...

15) Ragz Nordset - ‘You Started It All - Ron Basejam rework’ [LATE PM]

Shameless self promotion! A track I released on my NuNorthern soul label, remixed by old school mate Jim Baron AKA Ron Basejam of Norwegian singer / songwriter Ragz Nordset. This is the epitome of my label sound. Such a haunting vocal and clever use of layers and layers of sounds, instruments and clever use of space make this sound so bloody good.

16) Minnie Riperton - ‘Inside My Love’ [LATE PM]

Again more powerful female vocals, such a sleazy groove, the vocals are pure heaven and raunchy as fuck.

17) Lucio Battisti - ‘Amarsi Un Po’ [LATE PM]

So I was late getting to this, but the first time I heard it was at The Garden festival in Croatia played by the wonderful, sadly departed Seba many moons ago. It was then edited by my good friend from Chester, UK, Ole Smokey. It always contours up a tranquil time and place and the perfect track to round the day off...

18) Jill Scott - ’Slowly Surely’ [SLEEPING]

Soulful soothing vibes from Jill Scott, huge fan of her early works and this is certainly a track that winds down the day and takes me to a calm place...

19) Thompson Twins - ‘Hold Me Know [Extended Version]’ [SLEEPING]

There is something about the melancholic feel of this track that soothes the soul, to be fair it could be played any time of day and night as it has a unique energy/ Always puts a smile on my face when I hear it.

20) Phil Stroud - ‘Flow’ [SLEEPING]

The last track of this selection and what a track its is, 15 min journey of subtle percussion, harmonies and choralesque vocals. Taken from the self titled album, Phil Stroud, this Perth based musician really knows his stuff… The album is insane… Put this in your ears and drift away to a far off place.