This show is brought to you by Wilson Logan

 (half of Quadrant Soundscape), and will focus on his collection of ambient, drone and noise records. A mix of heady electronics and deep soundscapes.

This one is for the brain, not the feet. Turn the lights off and enter the

Echo Chamber.

Echo Chamber 004

Presented by Scavenger

Broadcast 2019 / 07 / 11

The idealist - Zoned out deep zone, son (Industrial Coast)

Francisco Aguado - Adrift  (Seven Villas Voyage)

Repert Clearvaux - Damper and Drum feat. Eben Bull  (Whities recordings)

Kero & Valance Drakes - Cant edit your soul (Detroit Underground)

Repert Clearvaux - Prelude - Her fingers of pink light (Whities


Johanna Knutsson - Loss of traction (Emo Version) (Arsenik records)

Kero & Valance Drakes - Centered around space invader attributes  (Detroit Underground)

Shed - Waved Mind (Monkey Town)

Jonas Kopp - La Luz Nunca Se Apaga (Semantica)

Pablo Bolivar - Krampf (Ambient Version) (Seven Villas Voyage)

Lou Karsh - Seep (Further Electronix)

Pessimist & Karim Maas - B6

Ulwhednar - 1000 Pills (Northern Electronics)

Radius - Transversewaves (cv313 reshape) (Echospace Detroit)

Jonas Kopp - Ritmo (Semantica)

Loft - Lassanamae (Tri Angle)

Varg - Love Letter

Physical Therapy and matrix - After the Fallout (Nonplus records)

Purl - Once

Stereo Underground - Breakfast on Mars (Balance Music)

Smooth - Beyond the twilight

Stereo Underground - Flying Glow (Balance Music)

Artefakt - The Lost Centre (Semantica)

Purl - A Sky Beyond

Pessimist & Karim Maas - A5

Perfume Advert - Emotion Engine 

Asphalt Layer - Rebecca 

Fldexp - Dag (Silent Season)

Porter Ricks - Harbour Chart (Tresor)

Shed - When the faces went down (Air Texture)

Kobosil - Prol (RK)

Bigeneric - Milleniumpark (Moto music)