For this week’s mixtape, we invite singer, songwriter, producer, DJ and all round musical talent, Mr. Joseph Mailk to the Dusk Dubs family.


Back in 2002 Joseph released his first solo album, "Diverse", on Compost Records out of Munich, Germany. After another LP and a number of singles, EP's and guest vocal appearances, Jospeh moved away from music. 


However, Joseph is now BACK !! Recently falling back in love with writing and production, resulting in what we believe to be his best album to date - "Diverse Pt.2".


Currently, still within the process of finding a record label to release this amazing LP, Joseph agreed to compile a very special mixtape, breaking down the samples, the musical inspiration and influences that have shaped his new found love of writing and the sampled based production of Diverse Pt.2.



Joseph explains.....


"I went back to my first solo album because it’s still a big part of me, it's an honest open book of music, and now after many years, the next chapters in life are recorded onto music.


I knew what I wanted for the music and wrote the lyrics as we put down the beats, with my co-producer David Donnelly, I dug deep in the crates, going back to the jazz I love .... Miles,  Mingus, Coltrane, strings from films, soundtracks for my mini Malik orchestra which drove David insane sometimes,  but I would always pull it out the back with the right sample that just clicked..."



You can find Joseph Malik here:










1) Outlaw Blues Band - Deep Gulley

2) Freddie Scott - Hey Girl

3) Joseph Malik - Lovebound

4) David Alxerod - Holy Thursday

5) Galt MC Dermont - Woe Is Me

6) Joseph Malik – Mixed Combination

7) De La Soul - Pattie Duke

8) Joseph Malik - Vanguard

9) Prince Lasha - Congo Call

10) Stevie Wonder - Jesus Children Of America

11) Joseph Malik - Inside In Outside Out

12) Gary Bartz - Celestial Blues

13) Duke Ellingotn – Thanks for the Beautiful Land On The Delta

14) Charles Mingus - Fables of Faubus

15) Joseph Malik - Basquiat 

16) Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor

17) Bill Withers - Make A Smile For Me

18) Joseph Malik - But I'm Lost Not Found

19) Anne Peebles - I Still Love You

20) Joseph Malik - Country Yard

21) Charles Wright - Mothers Love



Joseph Breaks it down.....


"1) Outlaw Blues Band - 'Deep Gulley' mixed with 2) Freddie Scott - 'Hey Girl', back in the day as DJ I would cut both of these joints up, and it came to me... it sounded like Prince Paul, so we looped it up and it took me a very long time to get the lyrics right, then heart break came into my life and it was so simple.... my hip-hop break up song 3) 'Love Bound'.


4) David Axlexrod - 'Holy Thursday' mixed with 5) Galt McDermont - 'Woe Is Me', I really have to show respect to David Donnelly on the drum programming on 6) 'Mixed Combination', I wanted to make some thing powerful, I was angry at all the death in the world, and how governments just really don't give a fuck about folks, and I was in a very low place and fighting back.


7) De La Soul - 'Patti Dooke', I choose this as i've always been a huge fan of Prince Paul and the De La Soul tribe, Jungle Brothers et al, that sound, that spirit, and what they stand for. 8) 'Vanguard', that’s' what we stand for using the sample from 9) Prince Lasha - 'Congo Call'. 10) Stevie Wonder - 'Jesus Children Of America', Stevie was with me all through this album, I went back to the music of my childhood as I was buying every record of his from the age of 7, he creates such a lush big sound in his music. 11) 'Inside In Outside Out', I've had the lyrics to the chorus for a few years and when I heard 12) Gary Bartz - 'Celestial Blues' again, we looped it and the strings and it sounded so wonderful we got our music brother Steven Christie on electric piano, and our music sister Heather Macleaod on backing vocals


13) Duke Ellington- 'Thanks For The Beautiful Land On The Delta', we knew we wanted horns and how to show case the best two in the world , Colin Steele on trumpet,  Chris Greive on trombone ,this track by Ellington was on in the studio all time when we were recorded Vanguard 14) Charles Mingus - 'Fables of Faubus', all the horn lines were planed out by David and on the day Chris killed us all in the studio it was deeply moving to hear our music coming to life of my dream. 15) 'Basquiat', I've been planning this for some time to go back to the music I was making in 1990, but now with even more layers almost Stanley Kubrick sci-fi jazz, I think to myself what would Basquiat ever hear this some how ?  I hope so, it was the last track to mix and the last track to finish on.


16) Donald Byrd - 'Christo Redentor', I've asked for this to be played at my funeral, I was deeply touched this year, with so much death around me, friends, famous folks..... 2016 was the year a lot of people died....


17) Bill Withers - 'Make A Smile For Me', love and heart break are a big part of this album and Bill Withers has been the soundtrack of my adult life, relationships that turn bad and I go back and listen over and over again searching for an answer to life and how to survive it. 18) 'But I'm Lost Not Found', this was recorded in one dark night in my life and took its toll on my heart and my head and to be honest, it's even hard to listen to it now, but I'm still really proud of it as its real life in music. 19) Anne Peebles -  'Still Love You', so I had a ruff night hearing my partner no longer love me, and woke up hung over and looked at this Anne Peebles compilation, "I Still Love You Came" on and I wrote 'But I'm Lost Not Found', with tears falling on to the paper.


20) 'Country Yard', I love the Charles Wright sample and when I heard it 1st on KRS-One - Attacks, I tracked the record down and got really fucking heavy into it !!  21) Charles Wright - 'Mothers Love', the drums are so lazy and when my brothers layed down the 'Stax Horns' it felt like church on a Sunday....."