Dusk Dubs presents

Dub Explorations. Quadrant Soundscape are your pilots for another drift into space! Dub Techno, Roots, Ambient, Sci-Fi, Experimental....

A pure trip!

Dub Explorations 059

Presented by Quadrant Soundscape

Broadcast 2019 / 10 / 9


Quadrant Soundscape played:

Quarion - Turquoise (99 till infinity) (Drumpoet Community)
Orli - Young Majesty (Lori)
Mike Parker - Voice Three (2019 Remaster) (Geophone)
Bomps' Agden - Who am I (Self)
Cousin Silas - Archipelagos (Self)
Careful Handlgs - Green Strain
Flying Cobra - Emanation (Space of Variants)
Bomps' Agden - Cant Talk Telekinesis only (Self)
The Last Poets - The Music
Vytis - Atmospheric Layers (Cold Tear Records)
Thorne Miller & Jude Brown - Eve (Forthcoming Just Move Records)
Koslov - Dub Topology (Jiggy Astronaut Music)
Thorne Miller & Jude Brown - Etheral Dreams (Forthcoming Just Move Records)
MVar - Thin Ice
Warmth - Drift (Tehnofonica)
amnfx - Pulsar (Firering)
Quasar - Quasar XIII (ODrex)
Gorgi Georgie - Beat Pocket
Reestar - Incursion
Rannosuke Kazamatsuri - Elementary
RH.z - Dub Rhythm (Forthcoming Future Echo)
Parris - Dusty Glass Bubbles (3024)
Claro Intelecto - Signifier (Delsin)
Schulz Audio - Moosbeere (Kopoc)
Lerosa - Niteride (Wake up!)
Eva Gallo feat Mr Sideburns - Tracker (Random Thoughts remix) (Deep Electronics)
Roger Gerresson - Long Overdue (Mosaic)
Gradient - Trip 6 (Greyscale)
Brickman - Lazyday Hook (Tehnofonica)
Peel Seamus - Can you buy me a Dream (Delsin)
Ignacio Tardieu - Terrera Luminaria (Deep Electronics)
Scan 7 - Here to there (Transmat)
Schulz Audio - Visitriga (Kopoc)
Peel Seamus - The Morning Sun (Delsin)
Stan Velev - Space Trip (TEOL)
Skins 002 - B1 Eve (Skins)
OdD - Oops (Tapes of Old 3)
JS Zeiter - 06 - A (JS)
Unknown 05 - Caught Down (Chikyu-u Records)
Aspect - Driving to Honolulu (Forthcoming Future Echo)
Bryce - Almost Wax (TEOL)
Skudge - Clear (Skudge)