His choice was to search in the stack of vinyl that was piled up in the kitchen, a stack that could probably tell a thousand tales of good times! We’ve all done it. All to mine, everyone congregating in the kitchen, laughs, vibes and music. Perfect! 


Also producing as Dubble D, Balaphonic and Vault amongst others...and of course as a part of 2020 soundsystem, he is someone who manages to keep so many positive aspects of music alive. With his own productions and remixes, and now with his label 'Well Cut Records' he is championing the idea that the music comes first. We agree 100%.

In his own words: "The art comes BEFORE the branding. The same goes for the music on the records. Trust your instincts. Forget the brand. Welcome to our House."


We won’t lie, we feel blessed to have a true selector, music lover and complete gent share some of his records. In today’s hustle and ever increasing soul-less bustle in what some call the music industry, he’s always a breath of fresh air. Salute Moodymanc! 

Find him here:









And as an added bonus, he has dropped us a few words about each record.



"All taken from records that have been accumulating by the record player in the kitchen, the result of sifting, cooking, dinner parties and after parties.... The crackles and the odd jump are part of the charm... honest ;) "




The Loi Toki Tok_Ware Wa

70s afro funk from Kenya, reissued on the excellent Soundway label.


Roy Ayres Ubiquity_Can You Dig It?

From “Ubiquity”,  raw, vibing and heavy Jazz funk, a lot less smooth than some of his better known later productions. Ridiculous energy!


Jerry Butler presents the Ice Man’s Band_Come Together

A bit of a find, Jerry Butler’s backing band playing instrumentals. This version of Come Together has such a brilliant sleazy groove. The album’s jam packed with the funk!


Zaka Percussion_Fusion

A French Percussion group,  recorded in 1980. The album has loads of different styles and the compositions are really structured. A rare record. Sample heaven if you’re into that sort of thing ;) (Don’t say I never give you nuffink!).


Wando_Na Baxia do Sepateiro

Great vibing 70s Brazillian funk. Love the sound of this record despite it being almost acetate thin.


Ramsey Lewis_Aufo Oodo

Ridiculous playing and orchestration. An all round epic production.


Horace Silver_The Mohican and the Great Spirit

I love this record. It came from an old friend back in 1990. We were in a band together and ‘covered’ this, believe it or not. I dug it out recently after Horace Silver died and it’s been a regular re-visit since. Beautiful playing, and Great Spirit galore.


Roberta Flack_Compared to What?

Les McCann produced and wonderfully orchestrated, and the lyrics feel kind of apt given the current political situation (don’t get me started). Brilliant vocals from Roberta Flack. A singalong for me!


Kutiman_No Groove Where I Come From ft. Elran Dekel

Kutiman’s from Israel, I’m guessing this album is mid noughties. I bought the album at Fat City and was in touch with him on Myspace for a while but don’t know what he’s up to now. This is one of those records that everybody always asks ‘Who the fuck is this???’


Uniao Black_Everyone’s a Winner

Another Brazilian gem, a really  great version of the Hot Chocolate classic and of course in tribute to Errol Brown who sadly died yesterday.


K C and The Sunshine Band_Blow Your Whistle

From  their pre disco days. Proper  feel good funk. Reminds me of going to rare groove nights as a kid in the late 80s!


Lou Rawls_Natrual Man

The  title track of the album. The spoken word intro is brilliant tongue in cheek but develops into a brilliant song. The production, groove and the backing vocals are sublime....


Stevie Wonder_A Ribbon in the Sky

One of Stevie’s less celebrated ballads but for me absolute perfection. If there was ever proof of God existing this is it. Sheer  beauty. Every single element is perfection...